Add a new intermediate subscription (3 or 5€/£) for "home" use only

I would like to suggest a new intermediate subscription at 3 or 5€/£ per month with the following perks:

  • Unlimited cashback
  • Gadget Insurance (and well, maybe optional)

It means that’s a Black card tier without the travel insurance, which could be a option for those who don’t travel a lot and i think there could be more people interested in this kind of offer than a full package.

I hope it’ll be considered, it could motivate me reuse actively my Curve card (i have a Legacy Black account).

On another note, it would be nice to identify/point (even manually) recurring payments on the cards (and to list all the recurring payments somewhere in the app with the total amount) and being able to block them in the future (for example if we have stopped a subscription for a service but the service is still charging it).

Thanks and happy 2021! :slight_smile:

Just to be precise, when i say “unlimited cashback”, i mean in duration, for 3 or 6 brands (it wasn’t clear maybe).