Add card goes wrong

Dear group!

Yesterday I install curve app and register my revolut card. I finished the process with identification. I got notification that it I done it successfully, than I open the app, i had to wrote in the cvv code, so i done it. I got an error message and from than the app write the first message that “it’s time to add your first card” and i cannot skip it and i cannot add my card again bacause it gives me an error message. what shoul i do? thanks

Hey @Szuchacs, firstly welcome to the Community! Glad to have you here :grin:

Unfortunately we don’t have access to your account here so we can’t see what’s going on. It’s best to get in touch with our support team directly about this. You can email them at and it would be useful if you could attach screenshots of what you can see in the app so they can investigate quicker!

Thank you, I will write to them