Add card issued by Ukrainian bank to Curve

I’m trying to add my Ukrainian EUR card to Curve, but receive a message that my currency is unavailable, Curve will convert my currency to GBP and an additional FX fee will be charged.
If I pay in EU in EUR it means that Curve will convert EUR to GBP and after to EUR and pay for goods/services.
I added a European bank EUR card and all was ok I haven’t received this message.
Does it mean that if I have card of Ukrainian bank Curve always converts currency to GBP and then to currency of Merchant?
Or it will always convert EUR => GBP => EUR from any bank?

It’s possible it thinks the card is denominated in grvna/hryvna and doesn’t take this?

If your underlying card is an EUR card, please make sure you select EUR as the card currency for this underlying card in the Curve app. If you do this no (additional) FX fee will be charged by Curve if you pay in EUR.

As @riceuten suggested it’s very likely that the Curve app incorrectly autoselected Grivna as card currency when you added this card to your Curve wallet, based on the BIN of the underlying card.

Card is denominated in EUR. I have three cards from Ukrainian bank one is in UAH, one in EUR and one in USD.

So I shall ignore this message if my card in EUR and then chose EUR in settings?

Correct, change the currency for this card to EUR and it will be treated the same as all your other EUR cards.

Understood. TY for your reply.
It seems Curve is useless for Ukrainian bank, I can’t verify my card.