Add loyalty cards to your Curve Wallet

Your Curve Wallet is getting bigger, and your physical wallet is getting smaller.

Hey Beta Testers :wave:

I come bearing good news. We’ve been working on a brand new product, and I think you’ll love it. It’s super simple to use, extremely useful, and most importantly, it will save you a world of hassle.

Forget about carrying around all your loyalty cards. Forget about remembering which cards to bring with you. Forget about holding up the queue by digging through your wallet or purse to find the right card. All your cards are now with you, any place, any time.

We’ve made you the promise that we’re going to move your wallet to the cloud, and that is exactly what we intend to do. This feature is another step towards executing on that promise for you.

But this is not a finished feature. We rely on you all to help us refine this feature before we release it to the general public. We want to hear about everything: bugs, bad experiences, good experiences, you name it! If there’s anything that you think or feel while using this feature that could be remotely useful to us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and tell us about it.

Some topics we’re interested in:

  • Is your loyalty card scanning without trouble? If you’re having trouble, what merchant is it with? Show us the loyalty card barcode in your Curve Wallet and the original barcode.
  • Are we missing any obvious merchants? (we only have a UK merchant list right now, but we’re working on having dedicated merchant lists for all the countries Curve supports.)
  • What did you expect from this product that’s not there? What didn’t you expect that is there?
  • What don’t you like about this product? What do you like?

Your feedback is truly invaluable. Go try the product! :tada:

FYI – This is out on Android now. iOS soon to come!

By the way, here’s how it looks on iOS so far… Android is similar:


Hey @sambrownstone!

We don’t see it in the beta app, is there gonna be a new TestFlight build pushed imminently?

edit; just seen ur dm! Android only for the next few days!


Hey Dann sorry about that! iOS is coming in the next couple days, Android is out now. I’ll post here as soon as iOS is out :smile:.


I’m just too fast :wink:


YES!!! Was literally thinking about this feature this morning (need to get out more!). I am on iOS so will have to wait, but one point that will do my OCD is the font size of the words ‘Payments’ and ‘Loyalty’ as the buttons to switch?! Will they be that big? Slightly overpowering in my opinion.


Initial feedback (on Android):

  • As someone has already pointed out, the buttons to switch from payment to loyalty cards is a bit too large. It’s not offensive, but it’s a bit… too “in your face”.
  • I don’t have many loyalty cards, but the only one I have is not available here, which is from the Spanish airline Iberia, so I can’t really test the full functionality.
  • Adding to the above, most loyalty cards I know of current are not physical, but either in apps or as Passbook format. It would be nice to register Curve as Passbook supported for loyalty cards that are distributed that way (as the aforementioned Iberia Plus loyalty program).
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I’m on Android Samsung Note 9 and I did the update yesterday. Still I don’t have the loyalty as show on the screenshot. Is this normal?


Would be nice to see the card images, or if we could add the card image ourselves.


It seems UK is more advanced regarding loyalty cards. In LV we have them also, but I never heard of “scannable” card. Here they use magnetic stripe for loaylty cards. So I guess, this new useful feature will be no use for me.

Correction - just remembered - there is at least 1 local “digital” loaylty card. You can use it with merchant chain own app.

It’s cool to have this but I come across far too many scanners in UK stores that don’t work with digital barcodes. One or two experinces faffing about with a cashier before getting the card out anyway means I don’t bother anymore. Stocard / Apple Wallet already provide this exact service and I still rarely use it because of compatibility issues. What I would really want is true integration that allows me to pay with my curve curd and have the loyalty card automatically linked for given merchants. Unless it has apple wallet integration it just has too high friction for day to day use.

But for me this yet another feature that will be done worse than existing services that people already don’t use. Curve send anyone?


I really miss the IR/barcode blaster on my Note 8, it meant I could use loyalty cards on my phone on pretty much any reader (even ancient ones)

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Yep I’ve had similar issues - sometimes self checkout OK but the scanners at manned tills problematic, sometimes the other way round! I’ve already added the ones that work to Google Pay’s loyalty card section so not sure I’ll make much use of this functionality.

Will this include Gift Cards or just loyalty cards. I currently use Stocard but would be lovely to migrate my Gift Cards (I’m able to top up with a discount from my work) to Curve :blush:

Looks exactly like Google Pay’s solution. What’s the usp?


Thats what I thought.

I added my loyalty cards into Curve yesterday and then realised it is exactly the same as Google Pay.

I open Google Pay to use my Curve Card and have access to the loyalty cards at the same time; wherease I would need to open Curve app to use a loyalty card and then Google Pay to make a payment - so it is more cumbersome.

It’s the same with the Wallet app on iOS. The majority of my reward cards are there, and if they aren’t it’s because the retailer doesn’t offer a Wallet solution. And 9 times out of 10 they don’t offer a pass for the Wallet because they have older checkouts at their stores which means any barcode on a phone screen is not compatible with them (for example the Co-op app specifically states this is why they don’t have the feature). So having them saved in the Curve app would not make any difference as they’re still not compatible.

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I have just added all my cards.
There seems to be an issue with small 2d barcodes such as used on IKEA family and subway. The image on the card is much too small to even see.
I like to see this integration into curve but the look and feel needs to be improved - images of the store logos would be nice. The addition of optional card images to be stored also helps in some cases.
I currently use stocard.
I’ll try it out in the real world and see how it goes.
Long term it would be ideal to have this linked behind the scenes as the payment card is.

It does make me wonder if this was wasted development effort - provide a feature that is already provided elsewhere; with no obvious advantage.

I have to agree with the other comments here - I just don’t see why I would use this instead of Google Pay? It already does a good job. The scanning reliability for phone screens seems to be ok - I get failures every now and then, but not often enough to convince me to carry the physical loyalty cards.

My question is - why limit it to a predefined set of retailers? Surely you could just scan any barcode and store it in the app. Let the user type the store name if you don’t already have it.

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For me the main reason to not use GooglePay for my loyalty cards is that GooglePay does not support the loyalty card feature on my Smartwatch (Wear OS), where Stocard does support it. But that obviously will also be the reason why I will not use the Curve app for my loyalty cards.