Add loyalty cards to your Curve Wallet

Thats what I thought.

I added my loyalty cards into Curve yesterday and then realised it is exactly the same as Google Pay.

I open Google Pay to use my Curve Card and have access to the loyalty cards at the same time; wherease I would need to open Curve app to use a loyalty card and then Google Pay to make a payment - so it is more cumbersome.

It’s the same with the Wallet app on iOS. The majority of my reward cards are there, and if they aren’t it’s because the retailer doesn’t offer a Wallet solution. And 9 times out of 10 they don’t offer a pass for the Wallet because they have older checkouts at their stores which means any barcode on a phone screen is not compatible with them (for example the Co-op app specifically states this is why they don’t have the feature). So having them saved in the Curve app would not make any difference as they’re still not compatible.

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I have just added all my cards.
There seems to be an issue with small 2d barcodes such as used on IKEA family and subway. The image on the card is much too small to even see.
I like to see this integration into curve but the look and feel needs to be improved - images of the store logos would be nice. The addition of optional card images to be stored also helps in some cases.
I currently use stocard.
I’ll try it out in the real world and see how it goes.
Long term it would be ideal to have this linked behind the scenes as the payment card is.

It does make me wonder if this was wasted development effort - provide a feature that is already provided elsewhere; with no obvious advantage.

I have to agree with the other comments here - I just don’t see why I would use this instead of Google Pay? It already does a good job. The scanning reliability for phone screens seems to be ok - I get failures every now and then, but not often enough to convince me to carry the physical loyalty cards.

My question is - why limit it to a predefined set of retailers? Surely you could just scan any barcode and store it in the app. Let the user type the store name if you don’t already have it.

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For me the main reason to not use GooglePay for my loyalty cards is that GooglePay does not support the loyalty card feature on my Smartwatch (Wear OS), where Stocard does support it. But that obviously will also be the reason why I will not use the Curve app for my loyalty cards.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to see new functionality being developed and added - but at least something new and different please!


To be honest, a valid point being raised. Apple Wallet already holds the loyalty card feature, so why have something that is already there and that you have to go to 2 separate places on your phone when stood at the till…


To also add, it would be good to see something else come out of the App that is new and that others are not doing. I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel nothing “major” has been announced/released for sometime. You know, that ‘blow you out of the water’ reaction…

How about adding a widget so we can have quick access to loyalty cards with out having to login to the Curve app?

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Scanning a barcode only works if the barcode is scanned horizontally (tested with Conrad DE).
It would be also useful if I could add a real picture for the card.

I’m on the beta and I have a Galaxy S9, the play store says the update has the loyalty card feature, but I can’t see it.

Any ideas?


Same issue here.

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I downloaded the new Curve Beta on iOS but still cannot find a way to add loyalty cards.

Using the Beta app in Germany. I too cannot see the option to add loyalty cards in Curve.

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Just received the beta test for the loyalty cards but doesn’t work in the wallet because it’s asking for the expire date and cvv, unless I’m doing something wrong?

It doesn’t work for me either, there apparently should be an option to tap Loyalty

Same here. Maybe it has to be turned on remotely by Curve at some point?

Same. I guess they’ve deactivated it for the time being. Perhaps shaming the product and questioning the validity of dedicating product development time to it might have had something to do with it :thinking:

It does make me wonder if this was wasted development effort - provide a feature that is already provided elsewhere; with no obvious advantage.

…it’s not like it’s a product that hasn’t been mentioned in countless updates to the product roadmap since the Crowdcube investment.

I don’t disagree with you entirely as it does seem like an unnecessary product but there’s been plenty of time to raise it before it went into production. However, it points to a wider problem I see forming with Curve. A partial lack of understanding of the overall market (Loyalty is a really messy and chaotic landscape - more on that later) and a more active move by the market to restrict their own card products being enveloped by Curve’s “one-card-solution“. This week I’ve received my fourth card provider notice saying that it will treat all curve fronted transactions as cash handling making Curve useless.

Store Loyalty Card a CRM insider’s view
Beyond scan and store barcodes there’s not much more you can do with loyalty cards. Ultimately, it’s a physical identifier (generally a card with a unique barcode/QR code) thats scannable by the POS system and links it to customer records.
Every retailer implements their solution slightly differently. But generally the aim is to create a solution in house to keep costs down and minimal consumer data processing with third parties. So the cheapest route to market is a cheap plastic card with a barcode. For example, a major dept store chain paid to replace all 21,000 barcode scanners at its POS tills merely to enable them to scan it’s loyalty card because they’re original barcode scanner kit were IBM tech from the 80s and couldn’t read the barcode. So it’s a heavily fragmented and potholed landscape.
Add to the mix more modern non barcode related solutions that exist like MasterCard Loyalty Connected which enables the customer to add their preferred payment card and it’s recognised by the merchant POS via API. So no loyalty card necessary. But it’s expensive as it’s a third party solution, so carries additional overheads for the retailer plus retailers hate updating/upgrading POS systems as they’re a high risk closed network.

Who’s responsible for bringing order to all these various systems?
Ultimately Curve isn’t going to be able to create a bespoke solution for each retailers application of loyalty/customer identification. That’s why Apple makes retailers conform to Wallet standards and the retailers chooses to do so or not because of their technical ability or overall laziness to fulfil their customers desires.

If you want something more nuanced then it’s something that you should probably take up with your retailer of preference (and loyalty). The amount of value they get from using your data massively outweighs the expenditure they put in to identifying you. Propensity modelling, Personalization, Rex engines, all things basically to make you spend more and are made possible by leveraging your big data from the permission given/enabled by your loyalty card.

What should happen next
Personally, I think the functionality should be launched and allowed and pick up the niche users that will tinker with it and find it useful, and move on to developing key products.

Curve should do this by revisiting its roadmap and ratify it with investors, and subsequently beta testers to ensure the product ideas are still desired/needed.


My TestFlight said add loyalty cards to curve now on my iPhone but when you update and look for feature it’s not there is there an issue?