Add loyalty cards to your Curve Wallet

Are there any cards this doesn’t work with? And hwo do Android users get the beta?

That’s what’s being tested by the beta testers :slight_smile:

Here’s the thread which explains how to signup: Curve Beta Signup

Thanks. Can anyone explain how the workflow of actually using it works?

Definitely, a nice add-on. I am a very happy user of Stocard and would not mind to drop it in favour of Curve, actually, even better to have all in one app. However, the current version in beta is far from comparable to apps like Stocard.
Some feedback from my side:

  • No way to scan barcodes (at least, it is not working for me) - I guess it will come;
  • Would be nice to have the picture or logo on the cards;
  • Would be great to have the option to import from other apps, like Stocard. It would save a lot of time to customers and will increase the uptake;
  • Add cards from other countries too - probably, it will come later;
  • What could Curve offer that other apps (like Stocard, again) cannot not? Think about USPs, maybe linked to the fact that in Curve you laso have the amount you paid in a specific shop with a loyalty card…

That’s all for now. Eager to test more.

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Just adding this now, now that I have had a couple of weeks with it live. I will be honest, and this is solely my opinion and my OCD, but we need to loose the ‘Payments’ and ‘Loyalty’ “buttons” at the top. What was catchy about the Curve App, is the view of your uploaded cards being the top dominant feature, with your transactions below. I feel these “buttons” are too overpowering and remove the focus away from the cards. Can these not be placed somewhere else?

Ok, so when adding loyalty cards were first introduced it was UK loyalty cards only.
This explained why I couldn’t add Tesco Ireland’s for example. Now with the latest version 3.5.2 (3849) I was able to add the irish Tesco card and a Starr Alliance membershipnumber (miles and more).

Hi, not sure if I overlooked anything, I applied to be a beta tester on Android, running version 2.24.0 now which is shown in google play under the beta “tab” however I do not see that I can add loyalty cards anywhere.
Is this feature only available on ios, or is there anything wrong with my beta or do I do a thing wrong?
Where is this feature supposed to be found?
Add a new card only shows the dialog to add Visa or Master cards.
Thanks for help.

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Hi @kurti500, it was not enabled for my account too, even though I was a Beta user.

Curve team can enable/disable it at a user-level. Please take a look at the below post. Maybe they can enable it for you too.

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I got the iOS 3.5.4 release just few minutes ago and first thing I see … where did my loyalty cards go? :thinking:

I know the current implementation is not perfect at all and should be improved, but have you disabled it?

Hi @Jur1z, this issue will be fixed in the next BETA release :slight_smile:

I don’t know what you talking about. I don’t see it and I don’t have that feature lol :joy::joy::joy:

:+1: Actually pretty good. I like that way.

That’s great I was looking forward to testing this and had added my cards ready to go only to find that they have disappeared :weary:

Do we know when the feedback will be looked at on this feature? I still don’t like the intruding headings of ‘Payments’ & ‘Loyalty’ - can these be moved to where I have highlighted in red in the below screenshot? Smaller text as well. The cards should be the main focus!


Delighted with this! I have now added all my loyalty cards, not realising that I had so many. Thank you for this new brilliant feature!

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1: Need to be able to sort them.
2: Widget or iphone 3D Touch required to select card without opening the app.
3: Would be nice to see accrued account points on the card.

Since this functionality is using a lot of space in the Curve app and, as I said before, I will not be using this functionality for now, for me it would be nice if there would be a switch to turn this functionality off (and on).


I agree, I believe a way to enable and disable Loyalty Cards should and/or could be added to the Profile under Features, where one is able to enable and/or disable both “Payments with Friends” and “Curve Fronted” :+1:

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Loving the loyalty section. Well implement and I have now added all my cards. Great feature.

Just want Curve credit to work now…

Thank you everyone for taking the time to test out this new feature :blush: All you feedback has been collected and forwarded to the team.

Closing this topic as there’s a new one where we can continue the conversation: New feature alert: Add your loyalty cards to Curve