Add loyalty cards to your Curve Wallet

Worked. Cheers.

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Still no loyalty card option at Android with the latest beta version.

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Mine’s much the same, still not showing it unfortunately

Still not working on the Android Beta app.

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Stocard works perfectly fine for me. I would consider moving my loyalty and gift cards to Curve only if all the features have been implemented. One thing that is very important for me, is that between my family members we share 1 stocard account and any new cards additions/changes are automatically applied to all. Having to maintain each loyalty card separately in Curve for each family member will be a deal braker for moving from Stocard.

This feature is already available in Google pay and many other apps. Instead of working on a useless feature like this wouldn’t be better to concentrate your efforts in making curve work in Google pay? I’m in Italy and you promised that months ago.


Showing fine for me on Android when I checked at the weekend.

Once it has been enabled in the backend, it seems to be working fine. Few comments tho:

  • For the known cards, Curve app assigns automatically a background colour, but this is nor working for the “other cards” (unknown cards), so it would be nice if we can select one manually.

  • Why don’t also take a photo of the card and store together with the info?

  • Apparently the only way to show the loyalty card is in list mode, would be nice to have the grid layout as well.

  • Now even more important: we need a widget to use them quickly. Now we have to open the app, go to wallet and select “Loyalty”, and then start looking for it (an option to sort based on frequency of use would be great as well).



It is now working for me, but I don’t think I will be using it as this will be a pain to have to find the loyalty card whilst stood at the till, compared to just double pressing the iPhone’s side button for the wallet where you can find with your Curve Card (I forgot you can do this!). Again, as I mentioned above, the words ‘Payments’ and ‘Loyalty’ are too big and overpowering on the wallet screen. The cards themselves should be the biggest part in my opinion.

Unimpressed I’d rather it worked on a basis it worked like Apple wallet or if you added your loyalty card used your curve card then curve would assign the points to the cards

Any idea how (if) to sort the cards either alphabetically or manually? They seem just to be in the order added…

I can confirm that it is possible to add to Curve Wallet the Danish Health Insurance card -CPR- without any problem. Well done Curve! :muscle:t3:


this a really nice feature. Has long been a nuisance that, while you didnt need to carry your credit cards, you still had to carry your loyalty cards. Have loaded several - curiously the scan option doenst seem to work well, so have to add manually, but no big deal.

Are there any cards this doesn’t work with? And hwo do Android users get the beta?

That’s what’s being tested by the beta testers :slight_smile:

Here’s the thread which explains how to signup: Curve Beta Signup

Thanks. Can anyone explain how the workflow of actually using it works?

Definitely, a nice add-on. I am a very happy user of Stocard and would not mind to drop it in favour of Curve, actually, even better to have all in one app. However, the current version in beta is far from comparable to apps like Stocard.
Some feedback from my side:

  • No way to scan barcodes (at least, it is not working for me) - I guess it will come;
  • Would be nice to have the picture or logo on the cards;
  • Would be great to have the option to import from other apps, like Stocard. It would save a lot of time to customers and will increase the uptake;
  • Add cards from other countries too - probably, it will come later;
  • What could Curve offer that other apps (like Stocard, again) cannot not? Think about USPs, maybe linked to the fact that in Curve you laso have the amount you paid in a specific shop with a loyalty card…

That’s all for now. Eager to test more.

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Just adding this now, now that I have had a couple of weeks with it live. I will be honest, and this is solely my opinion and my OCD, but we need to loose the ‘Payments’ and ‘Loyalty’ “buttons” at the top. What was catchy about the Curve App, is the view of your uploaded cards being the top dominant feature, with your transactions below. I feel these “buttons” are too overpowering and remove the focus away from the cards. Can these not be placed somewhere else?

Ok, so when adding loyalty cards were first introduced it was UK loyalty cards only.
This explained why I couldn’t add Tesco Ireland’s for example. Now with the latest version 3.5.2 (3849) I was able to add the irish Tesco card and a Starr Alliance membershipnumber (miles and more).

Hi, not sure if I overlooked anything, I applied to be a beta tester on Android, running version 2.24.0 now which is shown in google play under the beta “tab” however I do not see that I can add loyalty cards anywhere.
Is this feature only available on ios, or is there anything wrong with my beta or do I do a thing wrong?
Where is this feature supposed to be found?
Add a new card only shows the dialog to add Visa or Master cards.
Thanks for help.

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