Add loyalty cards to your Curve Wallet

Hi @kurti500, it was not enabled for my account too, even though I was a Beta user.

Curve team can enable/disable it at a user-level. Please take a look at the below post. Maybe they can enable it for you too.

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I got the iOS 3.5.4 release just few minutes ago and first thing I see … where did my loyalty cards go? :thinking:

I know the current implementation is not perfect at all and should be improved, but have you disabled it?

Hi @Jur1z, this issue will be fixed in the next BETA release :slight_smile:

I don’t know what you talking about. I don’t see it and I don’t have that feature lol :joy::joy::joy:

:+1: Actually pretty good. I like that way.

That’s great I was looking forward to testing this and had added my cards ready to go only to find that they have disappeared :weary:

Do we know when the feedback will be looked at on this feature? I still don’t like the intruding headings of ‘Payments’ & ‘Loyalty’ - can these be moved to where I have highlighted in red in the below screenshot? Smaller text as well. The cards should be the main focus!


Delighted with this! I have now added all my loyalty cards, not realising that I had so many. Thank you for this new brilliant feature!

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1: Need to be able to sort them.
2: Widget or iphone 3D Touch required to select card without opening the app.
3: Would be nice to see accrued account points on the card.

Since this functionality is using a lot of space in the Curve app and, as I said before, I will not be using this functionality for now, for me it would be nice if there would be a switch to turn this functionality off (and on).


I agree, I believe a way to enable and disable Loyalty Cards should and/or could be added to the Profile under Features, where one is able to enable and/or disable both “Payments with Friends” and “Curve Fronted” :+1:

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Loving the loyalty section. Well implement and I have now added all my cards. Great feature.

Just want Curve credit to work now…

Thank you everyone for taking the time to test out this new feature :blush: All you feedback has been collected and forwarded to the team.

Closing this topic as there’s a new one where we can continue the conversation: New feature alert: Add your loyalty cards to Curve