Add option: Charge underlying card in same currency as purchase

I’d like an option in the Curve app to have my underlying card to be automatically charged in the same currency as my purchase, so I don’t have to change the default currency for the underlying card each time I visit a new country with another currency. This would have to be individually set in the app under the card.

I’m aware I don’t have to change the default currency for my underlying card and let Curve do the FX-change themselves but Curve uses FX transactions on weekends with 0,5% and 1,5% on transactions, also a 500£/500€ limit every rolling 30 days for Blue card holders. This isn’t the best solution as my spend abroad when I’m travelling is about 1000-2000€ each week including hotel bills.

Main reason why I’d like this is my underlying card do not have any FX fees no matter the currency. Why do I use Curve then? Great app and easy to follow my transactions, Google and Samsung Pay and all card gathered in one card is very convenient. Plus the Curve card is good looking :slight_smile:

With the option to charge my underlying card in same currency as my purchase I’d save:
-Time and fees from Curve (no more Weekend and holiday-fees) and don’t have to worry anymore about the 500€/£ limit every rolling 30 days
-I’d use Curve way more when I’m abroad
-Make Curve the perfect travel card
-Use Curve card for bigger payments like hotels abroad who charges sometimes 1 day ahead of arrival
-I can skip my own reminder to change default currency for purchases in another currency

I think Black card holders would also benefit of this as the 0,5% and 1,5% fees (depending of currency) on FX-transactions during weekends are annoying.
If I’m reading this page correctly there’s already a limit for Black holders of 15 000£ a year. That’s not very much for a frequent traveller. I can only assume that foreign transactions with FX handling is also expensive for Curve to handle and with this option Curve would benefit even more as a company?

This is already one of the most voted for ideas. You can vote for it here:

Thanks! Didn’t see that. Voted that up as well.