Add the ability to display card details (card no., expire date, CCV, etc.) in the app

Sometimes, I still need to access the card details from my other cards .-)


for the cards registered in the app, add the ability to display on demand the full details (card no., expire date, CCV, etc.)


I’ll add a vote to that. The KBC bank app in Ireland allows me to see full card details, including CVC/CCV once the app is unlocked. That would be a great step in being wallet-less!


I would like that too.

I’d like that feature too.

Yes that would be really useful e.g. when I want to sign-up something online.
There should be an extra layer of security to get to this information though.

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I think starling bank do this. As long as the log in process is secure, I don’t see it as any less safe than holding a physical card with the info on it

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I agree with the idea that the expiry date should be shown however they wouldn’t be able to display the full card number or CVV due to PCI requirements…?

Only the bank itself can store the CVV… Curve won’t be storing it.

Good point on PCI, but Starling Bank manages to show full card number and CVV in the app.

Obviously I wouldn’t expect curve to show the CVV for the underlying card (if that’s what you meant?), but could for the curve card perhaps?

If technically possible, I’d love to see this too.

I recently ran into a problem where I had to supply my long card number and expiration (no CVV) for a card that I only use through Curve. The card was back at home and this was time sensitive, so no time to wait until I got home that evening.

For Curve to truly “replace” the sizable bundle of cards in my wallet it would need to be able to store as much detail of the card as possible really. Lock it behind another layer of security of course.


I concur :point_up:

There are people who use to carry on their phones photos of their cards laid on a tabletop, as a workaround…perhaps creative, but security is down the drain :frowning:

Using a password manager like Lastpass is a more sensible option in case anyone is looking for something now.

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Yes, would also really like to see ALL information of the Curve and the underlying cards in the app. Revolut does that with their own cards as well. 1 option would be to only show the CVC after entering the pass code / fingerprint reader

+1. Would definetly be keen for this

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Could be a security risk showing all details at once?
I use DashLane to store all card details so if required I can just refer to that app :slight_smile:

Maybe, but Starling do it and I often find it useful.

Wouldn’t the security risk be the same as using dashlane?

Judging from the news surrounding Starling today there are security risks that needs to consider.

Hadn’t heard anything - do you have a link?

Revolut also shows full cc details + CVC + exp date, even when ordering a replacement card you get the info of the new card instantly.
I don’t see any problems security wise, as long as the Curve app is secured with a pin / pw / fingerprint / face detection.

You’ll find the news articles if you search “starling passport security”.