Add the ability to display card details (card no., expire date, CCV, etc.) in the app

+1. Would definetly be keen for this

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Could be a security risk showing all details at once?
I use DashLane to store all card details so if required I can just refer to that app :slight_smile:

Maybe, but Starling do it and I often find it useful.

Wouldn’t the security risk be the same as using dashlane?

Judging from the news surrounding Starling today there are security risks that needs to consider.

Hadn’t heard anything - do you have a link?

Revolut also shows full cc details + CVC + exp date, even when ordering a replacement card you get the info of the new card instantly.
I don’t see any problems security wise, as long as the Curve app is secured with a pin / pw / fingerprint / face detection.

You’ll find the news articles if you search “starling passport security”.

I’d also love to see this implemented!

I just ordered a new Revolut card today, and it is amazing to be able to start using the card online and in Google Pay before it’s even shipped out.

This feature would be even more useful once Google/Apple Pay is supported. Imagine you’re on the other side of the world and you lose you wallet (including your Curve card). Well, no problem. Just hit “Order new card” in the app, and add it to Apple/Google Pay instantly, and you boom you have a way to pay for food, hotels, etc before getting a physical replacement card.


I’d like to see a “rotating CRV”, possibly with a second virtual card

Virtual cards support has been suggested. Give the topic a like and/or comment to give your support to the idea :slight_smile:


Would it be possible to add the card/account (sort code etc) details within the wallet > card info screen?

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I would support this, especially to get rid of cards completely from the wallet

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-1. Why would I want my full credit card information (not just for the Curve card, but for all (!) my cards is what the original post seems to imply) in an app that’s just protected by a 4-digit PIN? Depending on if it were to be stored on the phone or in the cloud, it also adds additional exposure risk even without physical phone access, if poorly implemented.

Because users want to have a choice.
You have no idea how many users “store” their cc info by taking a picture or storing it as a contact or …
So anything that is protected by a pin (or even better, fingerprint reader) is much better than anything else :slight_smile:

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With Curve I still have to carry around some cards only because they have no in app way to see their full details, in case I need to use them for an online purchase. It’s much safer to have that safely stored inside an app, secured with a PIN or fingerprint than to have the cards with me at all times. If someone steals my phone, they still won’t be able to access it, while if someone steals my wallet they’ll have it all right there


I fully agree that it’s much better to keep them in an app than in your wallet (it’s what I do also). I just think it’s more prudent to rely on a dedicated password management app for that purpose, where the developers should have more of a focus (and background) on data security rather than on banking/finance.

I would like this feature. I also think there should be more card images on Curve app, especially non-UK cards

Try using a password / payment app like dashlane if you want this functionality

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This has been launched :rocket: