Added MasterCard , what’s on my receipt?

Hi, I’ve added my MasterCard to curve app so I can pay with my phone (my MasterCard provider doesn’t support Apple Pay).

Now, what will be on my receipt if I make a payment? The number of my virtual curve account or my added creditcard? I hope the last one because I need to hand in expenses for the company. If all receipts say paid to curve its not going to work for me.

Secondly, what will be the (daily)limit? Does it follow my creditcard allowances or does curve put restrictions on that?

3rd. If I bought something and I want to return , does the money go to my added creditcard or to the curve account?

The store receipt will say Curve. Curve can also, however, generate its own receipts for business expense reasons. You can enable this per associated card in the respective card’s settings.

Both. Your Curve purchases will show on the underlying card as normal purchase, so their limits apply. Furthermore, Curve has its own limits, that you can see in your Account tab. You can request support to increase them if you need, but they should go up automatically with use as well.

The merchant will refund Curve, which will immediately refund to your underlying card if it can figure out which card was used for the original purchase (unless the merchant does something funky, like some airlines do at times, this should always be the case). In case they can’t determine the correct card, you’ll be credited in Curve Cash.

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Ok, thank you for answering clearly. Unfortunately it’s not going to work for me, my company is not going to accept any 3rd party

It actually says CRV*MERCHANT NAME for me.


The store receipt looks like any other store receipt, so unless your company requires you to use a specific credit card, I can’t see that there would be an issue…

As i understand the details (last 4 numbers) of my company creditcard are not shown on the receipts. Instead it shows the curve number, correct me if I’m wrong?

yes, that’s correct. Store receipt will show only Curve last 4 digits (that’s the only information they have)

In that case it’s not working for me. I need to hand in my receipts after every business trip proving that my expenses were paid with the company creditcard. My company can then claim back the vat, this wouldn’t work if there was a third party in between.

I’m not so sure - you should verify with your accountant. In most cases it should work fine.

  1. Your company’s card will have the exact charge for the exact amount and merchant name
  2. You are still going to have the receipt at hand
  3. Not all types of receipts have card number at all.
  4. Credit Card receipts are NOT GOOD for VAT claims in most countries. You will need to ask seller for a “VAT/Tax Invoice” for that, with your company’s VAT ID on it (i.e. seller must register VAT ID in their report as well).

Hey @Omehar, firstly welcome to the Community! I just want to follow on from what @yurik has mentioned to say that even though the physical receipt will show the Curve cards last 4 digits, you can still get a digital receipt from the Curve app which will show the payment card’s last 4 numbers. This could be an option if your company will accept a digital receipt.