Adding a card to Curve

I added a Virgin credit card to my Curve. As part of the validation process I had to go and check a transaction with a particular reference on my statement. There were 6 transactions from Curve none of which had a reference number. Net result…can’t validate the card. Any ideas anyone?

What is the purpose of validation? I presume to be sure I have the right to use it.In this instance it was a card I hadn’t used for a while, so the process of seeing the transaction involved a very frustrating registration…but that’s another story. Why six transactions?

For the Curve verification the transaction will be in CRV-#### format(something like this). I don’t know if you got something like this. The number after CRV- is the reference number. I don’t know why 6 transactions appeared, but it won’t be a problem. These transactions will disappear after a few days.

Sometimes your bank cuts off the verification code and it doesn’t fully appear on your statement. It’s best to get in touch with the Support team at in this case, they’ll be able to sort it out for you. :grin:


The problem is you lose interest when its too hard to do…then weeks later remember :wink:

I’ll contact support.

Hi there!
I successfully made an account, ordered my Card, received it, activated it and added the first card (Revolut) to the app and i was happy. Until i tried to add a second card.
Sure, i did enter all the information about my card, then i got to the point where i have to verificate it and it would charge a small amount of money, i say sure no problem.
Then this appears:
Please check your card statement for the transaction from Curve with the code C-XXXXXX and enter below.
And that’s where i’m stuck. I can’t find any similar codes that i can use, neither in the Curve app or in the other card’s carrier app.
Please community help me with this, i don’t know how to proceed!

Hey @fatboy51, welcome to the Community! The verification code that you need to enter is sent to your bank statement, it won’t appear on the app anywhere. It’s sent to your bank statement for security, as only you will have access to that. If the code doesn’t show on your statement you can contact the support team at and they’ll be happy to sort it for you!

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It is very common that the Curve verification transaction along with its title (including the code) can be found in „pending transactions” or „locked funds” menu concerning the card you are trying to verify, instead of regular history.
I am a hobbyist card collector so by the way I have verified a tons of my own cards with Curve and I have never been forced to contact anyone manually to help me, finding the code within bank/card issuer was always possible via website or via app immediately after verification request, however it is true that it was a bit tricky sometimes.

I have the problem with yap and hype cards, I am not receiving the c- xxxxxx verification code. what do I have to do?

Hi Campanella, welcome

I still haven’t seen a way forward with this yet, the code is supposed to appear on your statement as a small charge. Hopefully Curve will adopt a more usable alternative for those banks that don’t process the code well.

Hey @fisher.simon, I’ll pass your feedback on to our team.

@Campanella Welcome to the Community! If you haven’t received a code to your card you’ll need to contact our support team so they can look into it for you.

Thanks Hannah

My card was a Virgin Money credit card.