Adding BIN numbers to known cards

Are there any process for adding BIN numbers to known cards so the Card image is correct?

My Revolut Card with BIN number 535456 is not recognized as a Revolut Card and a default standard image is shown instead of a Revolut image in the app. I assume this is because the BIN number is not recognized as a Revolut card by the Curve app.

Is there any way to request BIN numbers to be added to known cards?

When I joined Curve, I had same issue with few cards, and this is the answer Support gave me:

Thanks for getting in touch. It sounds like we don’t yet have a design for your card. So that we can create your card design, please send a photo of your card, being careful to cover all identifying details except the first 6 digits of the long card number across the middle of the card, to (this is a restricted access email account, set up specifically for this purpose).

We will then create the card image for you - we upload these new designs every few months. Please check back later to see your new design.

Hope it helps

Thanks, but I can actually see that this has already been fixed.

When I added the card the BIN number was not recognized as a Revolut card. But now (a couple of weeks later) the app recognizes that the BIN number is a Revolut card and I can select a Revolut image on the card.

I have seen the addmycard e-mail but thought this was for adding images to cards that were missing custom images. In my case there are already custom images but the BIN number is not recognized. Was wondering if there was an e-mail like an addmybin@… for unrecognized BIN numbers like there is an e-mail for addmycard@… when there are custom images missing.


In the past, I have just used the support email address (although I haven’t emailed about an issue like this for years now, as all my cards seem to match up lately).

Unfortunately the timing for having the right card bin matching with the right card design is anything but satisfying. Customer service brush off emails do not make it better .