Adding curve card to Garmin pay reports an error

I’m user from Slovenia.
I have garmin pay working (with another card), but I’m unable to add Curve card.
I’m getting this error:

Any suggestion what could be wrong?

Hey @TomazO, it’s difficult to guess the issue without being able to see your Curve account directly. In theory, Slovakian users should be able to add their Curve card to Garmin Pay so I’d recommend raising a ticket with the support team through the in-app chat so that they can look into this for you.

Please let us know what solution you’re provided by the support team!

It seems that my card (account) was blocked. I have opened my curve account quite some time ago, and in the meantime KYC should be done. No info the app though.
After contacting support through website, I was asked to perform KYC and after completion, I was able to add my curve card to Garmin Pay.
Still have to try to actually pay it thought Garmin App, but I think there a good chances that this will work.

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It’s great to hear that this seems to have been reasonably easy to resolve for you. Were you able to begin using Curve with your Garmin device successfully after these steps?