Adding curve card to Google pay not working UK

I am not able to add my curve card to Google pay UK, this has stopped working and keeps asking me to contact my issuing bank. If you can not get Google pay to work the curve card is useless!! Any suggestions welcome

Did you initially add the Curve virtual card but then received the physical card? If yes you need to remove the previous Curve card and add details on the physical card. Also make sure the card is not locked in the app at the time of verification

Card not locked, old card was removed. Still get the problem of adding to Google play

Unfortunately in this sort of situation Curve Support normally need to reset something on their systems - when I had those issues before I called them on the number on the back of the card and they were able to resolve.

I did call them but it just puts you through to leave a msg, still waiting on them to reply.

Still no fix on this, after numerous emails, 2 phone calls a msg on twitter, fairly poor customer service!!

Well at last it was sorted needed a change by Curve, for those having similar best to contact for curve direct by email and after 72hrs follow up by messaging support on Twitter. Curve did extend my referral 30 day so that was appreciated.

Do you know what they changed? I face the same issue but they was told me it affect a small number of customers and they have no ETA for the fix.

I don’t know what changed but mine was eventually fixed after many emails and Twitter. If your card gets blocked for whatever reason then they have to go unblock at backend before you can add back to Google pay. I managed to get my card blocked twice! but eventually they fixed it. Just keep emailing them and then ask on twitter curve help what the progress is

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