Adding Curve to Google Pay (Galaxy Watch4 Classic)

Found a similar case here but since it was on a 2 year old thread I decided to make a fresh one. Can't add Curve to Google pay (contactless) on my Smart Watch - #3 by Prodweb

Simply put, I can’t seem to get Google Pay and Curve working on my Watch4 Classic. All I get is a notification saying the card is already added on this device even though no card shows up on the app itself. It’s very odd since I already got the Curve contactless payments working on my regular Watch4 before moving to the Classic.

I know the phone and watch versions of Pay save the cards independently, so I also tried removing the card from my phone and adding it to just the watch. Same issue. “Card is already added”. After doing this a few more times and contacting Google support I now can’t even get the contactless feature working on my phone anymore. The problem seems to be that I’m no longer getting the SMS verificarion code (as was mentioned in the original problem thread I linked).

I hope there is a fix for this.

I got mine working using Samsung pay as that’s the native NFC paymant on the watch.
Was easy tonfongollowinv the instructions on the phone.
Works great.

Yeah, Samsung Pay isn’t really an option since it’s not available in my country

Ok, did not realise that.

Just had a go at adding adding Google Pay to my watch then curve as the payment card.
First attempt failed, so I checked the details and had to amend the name to match the card and phone number to the one registered to curve.

That worked and now I have it on my phone and watch.

No problem, this is just a very annoying situation which seems to get no action from actual Curve support. Thanks for the tip, the address on Curve was actually different from the address on Google Pay, but changing that didn’t help.

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the reason I heard about curve is because people are using it in order to be able to use samsung pay

Might sound crazy but I’m not using a Samsung phone. Losing ECG isn’t worth replacing my old one. But if Google Pay isn’t sorted out I might have to reconsider. Also Curve card isn’t supported by Samsung Pay, it is the Samsung Pay+ service that works in Curve’s app. And existing Curve users apparently can’t apply for the Pay+. So the only hope seems to be to get Google Pay working.

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Similar issue here. Curve card added fine to phone. Trying to get it working with classic watch 4 is impossible. When trying to add states can’t pay in shops when adding card and then it fails to add. Been on app “live chat” for an hour with no resolution. Once I mentioned galaxy watch 4 issues the advisor seemed to disappear lol. Funny that. This is ludicrous.

Day later and still cant pay in shops error message when trying to added curve to Google pay on galaxy watch 4 classic. Now curve have suspended my card lol. Don’t understand why curve have made such a balls up with galaxy watch 4 and Google pay compatibility.

Works perfect on my Galaxy Watch4 Classic… :man_shrugging:

Thanks but that doesn’t help my situation

Looks like curve is going for the worst customer service ever in the world title. No response to my live chat in 2 days. I’ve asked them continuously for updates asap, stated they’ve suspended my card and they just don’t care, no response. Shocking company.