Adding my first card

Hi, I downloaded the curve app, created an account with my email, and chose the curve card I would like. It then asks me to add my first card but I keep getting “there was a problem. Please try again later” error.

I cannot get past this step. I contacted curve and they manually took a microtransaction which appears on my bank statement as C-XXXXXX but there is no where to input this code on the app to add my card. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but I have the same problem. Need help please :slight_smile:

If you contacted Curve support before it is best to contact them again (here in the community we are just Curve users like you). Send an email to or contact them the same way you contacted them before.

I know of one occasion when you will get a “We are having some problems. Please try again later”-message (though this message is slightly different than the one you are describing). This is when you try to add a Credit/Debit Card that is or has been added to another Curve account before. This is not possible (at the moment). If you are not sure of this yourself Curve support will be able to tell you if this is the reason you get the message.

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