Adding Paysera card to Curve

Hi, so I have been unable to add my Paysera card, both in May, when I registered, and now when I verified myself. The error is the same.
I have enough funds on my account, so it should work, but it does not.
I have contacted both Curve and Paysera support, but apparently not resolved so far. Would be nice to have it working in my Curve “portfolio”.

Hey Zsolt,

I’ve sent a reply to your support ticket now.

Have a great day!

Thanks Josh, I hope they get to solve it now.

So, I got an answer from Paysera, and it’s not good news in the Fintech Universe. I see no reason why they would not support Curve. I’ll try to soften them, and maybe #TeamCurve can do that too. :wink:

"Dear Customer,

thank you for contacting us.

Please be informed that we do not support this app and in this case you cannot to add Paysera VISA card.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for using Paysera services."

That is ‘strange’ since Paysera is on Curve’s list of supported prepaid cards.

Then it’s weird.

Hey @zsoltsandor

Usually with this sort of issue people have had more success after getting through to the fraud/risk assessment team at their bank, maybe see if you can get through to them, you may have more luck :crossed_fingers:

Exactly what I did and got this answer.

Did you manage at the end?

This is the answer the fraud department gave me :

For your reference, clients can use the Paysera Visa debit card with any system for as long as the system accept VISA. We suggest you contact the merchant (Curve) for instructions how to use a Visa debit card in their system.

@Curve_Marie any hint ?

Same here. Declared paysera support was a reason to join curve. And now I sucwsi added swedbank, revolut monese, but not paysera. @Curve_Josh @Curve_Marie or any other?

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Doesn’t seems like Curve is into finding the reason much …