Adding Pure Card to Curve

I wrote to you some time ago about supporting the Pure Card (a pre-paid card).

Are you any closer to allowing us to add the Pure Card to the Curve app?

Hey! Can you please pop a message in, to our Support Team on and they can find out the progress on this! :+1:

I doubt you will be able to add Pure Card without getting Pure to add Curve to their list of supported merchants. When Curve takes their verification payment, it will fail unless Pure allow it. This is because Pure only allows payments to be taken from merchants on their list, i.e Asda, Sports Direct, etc.

Question for Curve:- If somehow Pure card could be added to Curve, when making transactions, is the merchant ID passed on to the underlying card? Pure card I believe has a white-list of merchant codes - would this still work under Curve?

(A happy Curve and Pure user)

Ah understood! Thanks.

Hey @leon_funnell :wave:
If when looking into supporting the Pure card, some work is needed on their behalf for this to happen, we will also get in touch with them and go through the process of setting this up.

Also, when making transactions, although we send the original merchant information, we also send across information letting your bank know that it was made through Curve.

Hope this helps to clarify!

Thanks Liz

It’s the only card I have not in Curve!!