Adding secondary Visa card; "Something´s gone wrong"

I´m attempting to add a secondary Visa card to my Curve account.
After adding card details, I get the error message:
Something´s gone wrong
Please check your connection and try again.

I’ve tried several times, as well as rebooted my iPhone 11. Nothing changes.
Can you help me get past this error?

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Could you elaborate a little bit?
What do you mean with a secondary Visa card?
What kind of Visa is it? Is it a prepaid one?

Hi again
I would like the opportunity to spend from both my own Visa (already entered) and the one my wife holds (secondary, not entered).
Both cards are Visa debit cards. Same bank, two separate accounts.

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If this secondary card has the same card number (PAN) as the primary card it is not possible to add this secondary card to your Curve wallet, too. This is a known issue.
Also, if the secondary card does have a different number than the primary card, but if it is already added to the Curve wallet of your wife it is not possible to also add it to your Curve wallet. This is even not possible, if the secondary card is removed first from your wife’s Curve account. Also known issue.
If the secondary card is not in your name, it is not allowed (even if it is has a different card number) to add the card to your Curve wallet. Linked cards in your Curve wallet, must be your cards, not a card of someone else.

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Thanks a lot! Now I see
Have a great day
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Everything has been sorted so no need to keep the thread open.