Adding supplementary cards to Curve


I know that the cards we add to our Curve need to be under our name. But do we have to be main cardholder or is it okay to be an additional one?


Have a look (and maybe vote) here Feature for a Joint Curve account

Thanks, this feature would be very handy indeed though it’s not what I’m asking.

Let’s say I have a Curve Card and my partner has a card that doesn’t accept new applicants such as Barclays Hilton. She would request an additional card on my name that I would add to my Curve.

Is this allowed as per Curve T&C’s?

Sure. In the end, you have a card on your name and you can add it to your Curve account. It doesn’t matter if that card is a separate account or same account that your wife’s.

I have at least two cards with additional ones for my wife (and my daughter) and each of us have it in our own Curve card

Important is card holder’s name, i.e. the name written on the card itself. :face_with_monocle: So the name of the Curve Card holder must be the same as the name of the underlying card holder, then all is OK. :+1:

It probably works differently. I also have cards with a different name on my card and they are fully functional. Apparently the name doesn’t matter. I have a basic, blue Curve card.

Yes, it works, there is no hard check. But you SHOULD use underlying cards with your name as card holder ONLY. :face_with_monocle:

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Works no problem with cards that are not in your own name.

I have my wife’s card on my curve and my wife has my card on her curve. This way we don’t need a joint account but do check with each when using each others card.

Yes, it works as I mentioned before. But you SHOULD use only cards where you’re the card holder. Using someone else’s card might even be considered as an act against law… :face_with_monocle::balance_scale:

Yes, you can add a card which is on someone else’s card account.
But, I had trouble recently when I was asked to provide the statements for cards which were my wife’s. They were then not accepted and my account was blocked for a month, so be careful.

Even if you have a supplementary card under your name, they’ll kick a fuss when sending over the statements. Most lenders show only the name of primary cardholder and primary card number on the statements.

Curve recognises credit card numbers not names, so if a card number is in use on one Curve account the same card number cannot be registered and used on another Curve account, even if the name on the cards is different (the card address has to be the same).
This occurs if there are two or more credit cards on same card account, such as husband, wife, adult children etc.
Duplicate card numbers appear on NatWest Reward credit cards and some Nationwide credit cards.

Interesting… :thinking: Haven’t encountered this here in the Czech Republic :czech_republic: - every holder always has got his own card number, CVV, expiry date and most importantly PIN, even if the cards’ account is the same. :family_man_woman_girl_boy: