Additional cashback retailers?

For Greece I’d STRONGLY suggest these (food delivery app)
Public Stores(Retailer)
Plaisio Stores(Retailer)
Germanos(communications retailer) think it’s obvious)
Sklavenitis (Supermarkets chain)
These could make even the metal subscription VERY compelling and it could be a sole reason to expand the use of the card in Greece !!!

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If you pay contactless, franchise name appears… but if you pay by PIN, shop is showed correctly… I tried it at different Carrefour shop in France.

There are so few French retailers for Curve cashback that some of us won’t upgrade our blue card for that particular reason. I guess so actually.
We do have some great online retailers such as Cdiscount, FNAC, Darty, …, etc.
It would be great if some of them could be added?
Curve team, if you listen? Thanks :smiley:

Hello, much too few French online cashback retailers in France. You could at least quickly add FNAC, Darty, Cdiscount, Leroy-Merlin, Botanic, … etc. Some are available in other countries as well. Many thanks in advance!

Leroy Merlin is already available :wink:

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You’re right, I missed it, thanks :smiley:

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Would love to see Komplett, and Rema1000, added to the norwegian list

Hello, is it possible to add Airbnb to the retailers? thanks

A lot of us keep asking for more retailers in our own country. Unfortunately nothing happens :frowning::frowning::frowning:

Actually recently two big Dutch supermarkets (Jumbo and Albert Heijn) have been added to the cashback retailers. The ‘funny’ thing however is that at most Albert Heijn supermarkets MasterCard is not accepted.

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Would it be possible to add Tamoil and/or Agip?


Ica is one of the largets groceries store in Sweden, is it possible to bring them into your reward program?

Add more retailers, like

Please add more retailers to the cashback list. There are many Webshops that offer some percentage cashback for affiliate partners. If Curve partners with them they may get the 2-3 percent cashback, give 1% to the Curve user and keep the rest! This way Curve can make some extra profit.

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To make Curve more attractive for Italian customers, please consider adding in the GROCERIES section:

“PAM” and “PANORAMA” stores

“IN’S MERCATO” stores

Those retailers are very common and may attract people.


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Hey @Jeerva, welcome to the community! :blush:

You can also poste here! We have a thread in Italian :slight_smile:

I wish KFC was included in the Food & Drink section, I’d upgrade to Black or Metal without a doubt.

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Do you spend that much at KFC? You need to spend like £15k a year to cover the cost of Metal in cashback - £10k a year for black

That’s assuming you pay up front

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KFC is already on the list.


Finland add K-Group and S-Group would be wonderful too :slightly_smiling_face: