Additional cashback retailers?

Do you spend that much at KFC? You need to spend like £15k a year to cover the cost of Metal in cashback - £10k a year for black

That’s assuming you pay up front

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KFC is already on the list.


Finland add K-Group and S-Group would be wonderful too :slightly_smiling_face:


Allow Aral petrol stations as cashback retailer for BP, as this is the trademark for BP in Germany.

Add Shell to the “Travel” list for Germany, too.

Please add “Rudel Ohg Bamberg” automatically as a REWE retailer. I have to contact the support all the time as cashback for REWE is missing:

Living in Germany you can choose retailers from the ‘international’ list as well. Shell can be chosen and then you get cashback when ‘shopping’ at Shell in Germany as well.

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Yes, in Romania country please add it to :Lidl, eMaG, Profi, Penny Market, Auchan, Mega Image stores. In Finland country you can add Tokmanni, Lidl, Hulto auto service.

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For Spain, I’d still like to have Consum as Grocery store (Consum Supermarkets | Together means Coop.) and Vueling as a Travel choice (Vueling: cheap flights to major European cities - Vueling). Everything else I have covered.

Lidl and Auchan are already in the International list, so you can use those and it should count.

Please consider adding Prisma supermarkets. Prisma is Finland biggest supermarket chain and also operates in Estonia and Russia

More retail store please!!!

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Please add the Italian grocery retailers:


PamPanorama Supermarkets

Also available for online purchases on

and on


In’s Mercato

They have a 2.7 EUR billions of aggregated revenues in Italy, so they can drive more attention to Curve cards.

Thanks a lot

I suggested approx 2 years ago to add “Coop” (groceries) to the list of Swedish retailers.
I can see that “ICA”, “Lidl” & “Willys” has been added, but “Coop” is still missing.

There is a “Coop”, but not the Swedish one. Was it not possible to add this retailer, or did it get mixed up (since there is another “Coop” in the list)?


I also want the Swedish coop added…


Lieferando, El Corte Ingles,
Voi Scooters,Bird scooters,
Lime,Xbox Lukoil / Teboil etc.

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Cashback is based on the name on transaction. If you select the UK Coop and shop in Swedish Coop, as long as the name coop appears in the transaction you will get cashback.

For example I have as cash back retailer. I went to a restaurant called Amazon and after I paid, I got cashback for this transaction. :joy:


Anyone else can confirm that this works?

Hornbach,Edeka,IKI,Billa,Intersport,Netto marken discount at least EU area.

:partying_face: Cool.

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Generally, I believe it is indeed the case. For example, selecting “Uber” as a merchant should give you cashback for both Uber and Uber Eats.


Spain: please add

  1. Carrefour
  2. Mercadona
  3. Coviran

The first two are major grocery stores with hundreds of outlets.

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Annoyingly, Coop Norway doesn’t seem to use “Coop” in the transactions, which then doesn’t give any cashback.

Suggestions to supplement Greve’s suggestions from July 20:
Groceries: Obs (Part of the Coop-brand)
Shopping: Elkjoep (Not Elkjop), Dustin
Travel: Thon
General: Biltema, Jula, Byggmakker