Additional cashback retailers?

Should do this as standard for Black and Metal Cards…

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You just need to let the support team know and they’ll add the points and then add the location to the list to be added. Many BP stations I use are all franchise so I never got the cash back rewards. I’ve emailed each time with a copy of my receipt and they added them on. Just before Xmas they are now on the list and it adds automatically. This is only 6 months after first flagging.

Thx @JoshuaBoots but transactions are now months ago…

How does this change anything? I see no time limit in Curve’s T&Cs for correcting errors or omissions.

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OK, will dive into bank records and let them know :wink: Thanks guys

Thank you for your suggestions, we will consider all of them. Please keep them coming :smiley:

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I realise this would be a logistical nightmare, but it would be great to see some independent shops/restaurants/cafes/pubs added, rather than just big chains.

Having just big chains means that (a) small local places miss out, and (b) it’s less of a benefit, as all the big chains take Amex so there’s no reason to use Curve there.


Oh I see! No worries!

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I totally agree. There is of course the notable exception of B&Q, which doesn’t take Amex. I would also like to see Makro added, which is particularly relevant for Curve’s commercial/business card holders.

Because of this, I selected my 6 merchants as B&Q, Uber, Aldi, Lidl, Auchan and Carrefour. All except B&Q are intended only for use outside the UK, but at Carrefour in France I can use my German Amex card, except at its petrol stations for some odd reason.


It would be a lot better if they could offer the 1% cash back based on a category of spend (groceries, petrol, travel etc) instead of individual retailers and then assign the rewards based on the MCC code from the transaction (much like American credit cards do and I’m assuming UK ones). And it would alleviate the retailer name problem. But maybe this is wishful thinking! :sweat_smile:


I’d like to see Hilton and Accor added - I see Marriott are on the list but I hardly ever stay with them.

At present I’ve not selected any of my six as (a) they’re then locked in and (b) I can’t think of any I’d use much just now - Amazon and M&S probably the main ones I would have considered but have a fairly hefty gift card balance with both of them just now plus Amex are doing double MR points promo until July (effectively 1% extra) and that’s on all spend.


Morrison’s please


Completely agree with an eariler post about dropping the 6 retailers in favour of a blanket % on all purchases. Current credit card already does this (0.5% for most and 1% for supermarkets) and thus I get tonnes more cash back with my credit card than I do with Curve. Seriously makes me think about dropping Curve completely as currently there is very little incentive to continue it

I’m still wanting to see Metal Cards have 1% cash back across all spending with any of the retailers within the list and not restricting you to just the 6! Surely that then means it incentives you to use your card more for spending to earn your rewards…


And maybe being able to change the 6 on the fly


It would be cool to have Square/iZettle/SumUp as cashback “merchants”. All of them accept Amex, so it wouldn’t help on that front, but it would enable cashback at a bunch of small independent cafes etc rather than just big chains.

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Please add some international hotel chains such as Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, IHG etc. I don’t tend to use Amex at these unless the bill is denominated in a currency for which I have an Amex card, i.e. GBP, EUR or USD, so Curve is often the obvious choice.

However, one problem with using Curve at hotels is that more often than not one checks out at weekends, which attracts Curve’s weekend surcharge. A workaround is to pay all predictable charges of one’s hotel bill on the preceding Friday before checking out.


Marriott is already on the list but agree would be good to have the others on too.

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Zooplus would be a great retailer to add. Has presence in many countries and a lot of us have pets!

Question: Uber is already a retailer in the “Travel” section. Does this count for Uber Eats as well, considering the retailer name is the same (but MCC of the transaction is different)?

Mostly asking because Uber (the travel section) is not available at all where I live due to local regulations, so I wouldn’t want to waste a choice.