Additional checks on underlying card

I received an email from one of my underlying cards to state that they’ll be implementing additional 3D Secure checks for online transactions. If the retailer does not support this then the transaction will be declined.
I know Curve undertake this check so will it be done twice?

Hey @linus.dsouza, thanks for your question! Can you let me know which bank is making this change so I can do some research into the details?
My expectation is that this won’t affect payments with Curve as your bank will see Curve as the merchant and has no reason to decline transactions ‘from Curve’ but I’ll double-check this for you just in case. :grin:


Thanks @Curve_Joel. I received an email from M&S Bank for my Mastercard.

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I believe that underlying card issuers see Curve as operating a subscription, like for example when you have a recurring payment for something, and therefore new authentication isn’t needed for each transaction. Only the transaction between Curve and the end-merchant requires separate authentication for each transaction.