Additional verification

hello it’s been since October 25th since I sent my documents for verification but I still have no response from curve is it normal or not?

hello I would like to know if it is normal that the compliance team has still not replied to me since October 25th I am sending emails and sending messages to the in-app chat but no response from them

Hello there,

Could you shoot the social media team on twitter a private message (@AskCurve), they may be able to check your ticket.


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I sent them a message I’m waiting for their response thank you, because I really haven’t had any response for 1 week

hi i sent a message on twitter like you told me but still no response there is no other way to contact them please?

Please be patient, Curve Support/Social Media Team are humans not robots. :robot:

yes I understand but since October 25 no feedback whatsoever either in-app chat or by email it’s very weird

Hey @Pogb9557,

We usually expect the Curve social team to be able to respond to DMs within 12 hours. They’ve recently changed the software being used to get back to the DMs sent to them which may have caused a delay. Have you heard back from them since popping onto the Community? If not, then I can feed this info back to the team. :grin:

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Unfortunately, that’s very normal based on reported experiences over the last few months.

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no i didn’t hear from them they just told me they were going to contact me

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