Address Change - Feature

A feature which allows the address change of the curve card, since the last update i can see the address inside the menu but unable to change the address within the app

(Curve Card delivery address)

it would save a lot of time if everyone can change it within the app without the support request.

I think it’s maybe a security thing why it’s not easily updateable…?

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I don’t think so because banks also allows address change on this way.

Yeah, I guess so!

I’m sure one of the team might jump in and post as to why we can’t change it!

Just digging this one up again as there doesn’t seem to have been a response - I’ve had a few issues with an address update recently which resulted in my Investor card being posted to my old address.

The problem is in part due to the fact that you can’t even view the addresses that Curve currently hold for you in the app, either billing or shipping (less addresses for linked cards). This would be a really useful feature, and would remove uncertainty over whether customer services have correctly updated an address or not.

Most other banking apps offer this, could Curve include it as well?

OMG my adress has ben change frome 12 to 12c and now everything get declines. Still same street and everything.