Address form is extremely confusing and changes are impossible

First the app asks me to enter the street. Ok I enter it and choose it from a dynamic form. The next form asks me about “building name/number”. Kind of weird but I enter the building number. Then it turns out the street choosing step was completely pointless, and in “building name/number” I was actually supposed to enter the full address, including the street the building is on - again.

There’s no way to go back and correct the address.

Now the app is stuck at forcing me to order a card with an incorrect shipping address, but I can’t change the address without first ordering the card to an incorrect address.

Please add an option to change the address before ordering the first card.

That’s the UK address format (house_number street_name). Other postal services, in my experience, do not have problem with such format.

That’s not the issue, the issue is that first I provided and actually selected the street on the form before the manual address form, but the app completely forgot about it. So now my supposed address is literally just numbers and there’s no way to change it. There was no feedback of any kind that would indicate the street selection step failed.

  1. Dynamic form where I start entering the street, correct suggestion comes up, I click it, it moves to a new form that contains ‘building number/name’
  2. I enter the building number as instructed.
  3. The shipping address is literally just numbers from step 2 + city
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Hi p_z.

I just run in the exact same problem. How coud you solve it?