Airline miles as a reward

Would it be possible to have Avios or airmiles as one of the rewards

Would like this :+1:

Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback. This is an awesome idea I’ll be forwarding on to our Head of Product.

We really value it so please do keep it coming!


Thumbs up for Avios



I’m sure that people would immediately think of the British Airways Executive Club and the Virgin Atlantic Club but if Flying Blue for example could be incorporated that would be great. Flying Blue miles are harder to accumulate in the UK because they do not have a dedicated credit card, excluding American Express reward points. But realistically any airline miles currency would be most welcome.


I’d much rather have miles than Cashback.

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I like the Avios idea … however Curve could do something like Tesco do with the Club Card Points where you can exchange for various airline miles, hotels, theme parks, etc


Or point like AmEx that can be converted to what i’m in need of. Cashback or airmiles on whatever airline i want.


+1 for this

+1 for SAS eurobonus points!


OMG that would be A WE SOME!

Miles and more


Have updated title to more generic ‘airline miles’ :slight_smile:


Airlines Avios would be fab,one for every pound spent, make up for the Amex shambles.

Keen for miles as a reward.

Avois points or Airline of choice would be brilliant !!

+1 for Avios. Way more useful than cashback.


Good idea. Fortunately there does not appear to be an issue with collecting Virgin Flying Club miles through the Virgin Atlantic Master Card. I emulated the VA card through Curve and every pound spent on that card gives me 0.75 Flying Club miles even though I have not physically used it.

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I really think this would be a fantastic idea as Air miles are very appealing to Curve customers who predominantly use their Curve card overseas to avoid overseas charges. It’s also ideal for the XYZ generation who prefer value for money on purchase or the savvy shoppers who like to upgrade their holiday plans.

However if you can re establish your partnership with Amex I think this would sweeten the deal more. Currently Curve is unable to link to an Amex card.

I also think you should offer a charity/keep the change of les than <£1 scheme to fund local charities that can be voted on by its members or to plant trees as a green initiative.

Who knows…?

Great idea. I would really like to see this.