Airport lounge price increased

I have noticed that I’m being charged £20 a visit to airport lounges this week. Why has there been no notification of this price increase? 30% seems a bit steep so soon after the lounge facility has come online.


Download the LoungeKey App or log in to to view the directory of hundreds of airport lounges available worldwide.
Present your card at the lounge and you and your friends can gain access at a rate of £15 per person.
Enjoy complimentary food, drink and access to business facilities including wifi (if available).
You’ll also have access to a 24/7 customer contact centre.

Looks like LoungeKey haven’t changed the price, I’d give them a call, as it’s them that’s charged you!

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Yep just noticed this right now, retrospectively sadly. Just been into the lounge, i only paid £15 a couple of weeks ago. Just paid myself and my wife in, thought the person at the desk had keyed the scheme incorrectly at first when I get a curve notification for a whopping £40!
I could get us both a full english breakfast, coffee, and a pint of guiness, plus waters for the flight for less than this!
Makes the loungekey ‘bonus’ pretty much redundant for the average flight.
I’ve been completely unaware of the changes, no updates or emails from curve sadly.
Checked the terms and I notice that only on Tuesday that its jumped to £20
Kept quiet about that one didn’t you Curve?

I cannot see any point in renewing my metal membership. I should have listened to the critics at the start since curve is now truly lagging behind the other ‘metal’ cards…


In the Curve app, you’ll now find this in the FAQ:

You and your travel companions will then be able to gain access at a rate of only £20 per person by paying with Curve Metal Mastercard® card.

So it seems like Curve have changed the price, and thought that updating an FAQ was enough notice.


It feels like Curve is too busy with rebranding and all the other superfluous stuff to concentrate on actual customer service. I used to love Curve and their vision, but now my opinion of Curve degrades day by day. Especially when I see people waiting for answers to their questions for weeks on end.


This is very poor from Curve. Aren’t they obliged to give advance notice of price increases like this?


LoungeKey should have sent you updated terms. Curve does not handle the pricing for Lounge Key access perhaps.

I actually have Priority Pass from another place and it’s completely free. I’ve been to 4 lounges in the last month and didn’t pay a single penny. :smile: So Curve offering is not that attractive even if it was £15 per entry.


Regardless of who sets the pricing, the product is sold by Curve and Curve should have told their customers about the price increase.

The FAQ in the app says £20, so clearly Curve weren’t in the dark.

This is extremely poor. If I used LoungeKey I’d be very annoyed at both the price increase midway through an annual subscription and the total lack of notice about it.


I agree that Curve should have notified, either in App or Email announcement. Curve is generally terrible at communication as you might have seen with any past developments.


Under English law, Curve needs to inform its customers individually of a price change - updating a general FAQ isn’t enough.

Their T&C say

6.6. Loungekey Access: This is a complimentary service provided as part of the Curve Metal Services where you will be provided access to certain airport lounges at a discounted price. The facility is subject to Fair Use. Your Curve card will be charged for the balance entrance fee on the card that you have selected in your Curve app at the time that the charge occurs. Curve will not be responsible if you are denied entry into a particular lounge or the services do not meet your expectations. You will be notified of all costs beforehand.


Who is going to read that frequently?

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Precisely. Im not currently a holder of any other lounge scheme currently, and given I only travel occasionally, £15 seems reasonable as a feature. £20 isn’t value at all really, given that most lounges available through lounge key only offer basic snack food in my experience so far. I dont feel inclined especially on early departures to get my payments worth of alcohol (which is always served in a glass sadly).
I dont think buying a pass as a non member is much more than £20 either in most airports too.

Id like to underscore this point completely. I do feel mislead. I wasn’t able to make an informed decision at all today. If i had known of the variation I wouldnt have used it. The white rose lounge at Leeds Bradford is basic to say the least and certainly no where near worth spending £20pp to access

How very odd. I have PP through my Amex Plat but the LoungeKey seemed like a nice discount on lounge access. For £20 you’d be lucky to reap that value in a lot of the UK based lounges (some smaller intl ones).


If it is now £20 a visit then I doubt I’ll be renewing my Metal subscription either.


Nothing from Curve regarding this? I’d have expected some sort of response.


Radio silence. I’d expect at least a bit 'nothing to do with us it’s our partner (LoungeKey) that made that decision’s.

As @podgib said, Curve is the one who actually provide the service so they should have informed its users. Can anyone from Curve please respond to this?

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I doubt it’s LoungeKey that sets the price. Card providers can negotiate with LoungeKey for different deals, depending on how much the card provider is willing to pay. LoungeKey couldn’t just up the price without telling Curve, if they have a contract in place.

Of course this is all just assumptions and speculation, and I’d be very happy to be proven wrong. Unfortunately, with literally zero information from Curve, we have nothing better to go on than assumptions and speculation.

Curve is only good for their Curve Cash system and that’s about it really.