All change on the App but worse experience

What’s happened?

Can’t see receipts unless you dig deeper
Instant notifications NOT instant
Card order possible by indexing names no longer possible
App sluggish - sometimes not responding
Reboots required to force app to respond
Ghost scrolling to random cards

Honestly, I was a non-paid salesman for the product but now struggling to convince, even, myself.

Please put it back to how it was - at least I knew how to make it work… Around.

Come on Curve stop throwing us curve-balls!


It’s a shame that many of their most loyal customers are feeling like this. I’m struggling to recommend due to the reasons you highlighted, but also the support which is almost non-existant at this point.

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I definitely agree on the instant notifications no longer being instant. Takes up to 5 minutes before I see it.

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Honestly, when I got into the beta on Jan 25, I thought the app was clearly at least a month from public release - it was fine for an early beta, but very buggy and lacking polish. I was very surprised when they released it 3 days later with no major changes.


I wonder what @Curve_Marie has to say?