All current Android bugs

Here is a list of all not fixed android bugs.
Whenever a bug is fixed, I’ll update the list
Current Android version: 2.20.1
Tested on several android devices and always with a clean cache + app data. So logging out and in again does not fix the posted issues:

  1. Curve app dark mode interference with android OS dark / night mode –> fixed in 2.16.0

  2. 1st opening the app of each day brings caroussel back to Curve Cash card instead of currently activated card –> fixed

  3. pending transactions that expire after 7 days are still shown in the timeline

  4. fully completed transactions, even from many months ago or even from 2019 are shown as pending, when clicking on it and going back to timeline fixes it for this transaction as long as the app stays open but then another transaction is pending

  5. removed (by merchants) AUTHs are still shown in transactions

  6. GBiT changes the date of the transaction to the date the GBiT has been done, previously it stayed on the original date (much better)

  7. refunds, big issues: fully refunded transactions get removed from the timeline, but the credit appeas as +x€
    01MAR 100€ paid to merchant
    full refund issued on 15MAR
    01MAR 100€ transaction gets fully removed (=not shown in timeline anymore)
    15MAR +100€ credit is posted

So since the original charge has been removed, it actually looks like you made 100€, not that you’re ±0

  1. Curve cash transactions under timeline: logo flickers / quickly switches between Curve cash card card symbol and a underlying card for a few seconds everytime when you reopen the app

  2. Wrong exchange rate for partial refunds, see: Partial Refunds: wrong exchange rate display

  3. partial refunds: business expense label changes refund date to original transaction date, see Bug report 2.16.2

  4. refunds: when not matched to original transaction and refund is in different currency, “original amount” is not in original currency but in underlying currency, see: Bug report 2.16.2

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@Curve_Marie @curve_tobias @samantha @nicb

can’t vouch for most but 1, 2 and 5 is not repro for me on latest beta of the app

Thank you @Lucas, this is brilliant! I’ve sent it to our Android developers :rocket:

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Thanks @Lucas, what version of Android do you use?

I can’t reproduce the dark mode bug. I’ve only seen this happen if I override dark mode in the app then change it at system level to something else. Restarting resolves this for me.

The dark mode bug also happens to me. I am on Android 7.1.1.

I’ve had this bug a few times, normally when I install an updated version it reverts to day mode but still says it’s in dark mode. If I switch back to day and restart the app and back to night and restart the app it fixes it. Have had to do it with each recent release.

I experience the same, but not only after an update. I have it on a daily basis. When I open the app it is all light, when I check the setting it still says it is in dark mode. I fix this by putting it on light mode, close the app, open the app, put it on dark mode, close the app, open the app.

I’m on 8.1.0

@Lucas @poeliev this is very interesting. Thanks for the additional info, it will help with debugging.

In the meantime this may help:
The dark mode settings are applied when the app starts, so if you’ve set Enable dark mode -> On but for some reason it has reverted. Simply dismissing the app from your “Recent apps / Task list” and opening it again should re-apply whatever setting was set in the profile.

I have just tested this:

And this doesn’t work (app stays light, though the setting in the Curve app is on black mode).
What does work is going to the app in my (general) settings and ‘force close’ the app. If after doing that I reopen the Curve app it is all black again.

Used to work with one of the previous betas, it was only white for the 1st opening of each day. Now it stays white no matter how many times I close it from recent apps and reopen it.
I can only fix it as of right now buy settings-dark mode off, restart, dark mode on, restart and then it stays on til the next day when its white again. I dont reboot / shut off my phone over the night, so there must be really something why its always turning back to white mode on the next calendar day.

@Lucas in your case it seems the system applies a configuration change over night which propagates new configuration down to the app. The new configuration will contain the default night mode of the system so it will override anything that’s applied locally.

Great hint!
Just tried it.

OnePlus 5T
Android 8.1.0
dark mode=on & fully working.
Minimizing Curve app (not removing from recent apps)

Turning night mode on in android+curve still minimized, reopening Curve --> mix of dark + white (calender date= white, transactions background=dark grey, transaction text=black

Now clearing Curve app from recent apps + reopening it.
All white mode with setting dark mode=on

Turning android night mode off again, Curve white stays even thou settings say dark=on

So the bug is clearly between Curve dark settings + android night mode

Yep I have to do the same

#7 Refunds is a big issue that happens to me too. Android 10.

And I would add an additional one. I cannot access the support section of the app. I can on a first boot, then I can’t create any tickets (it shows as it cannot load tickets), and as soon as I go back it won’t let me in again except if force closing the app.

Can you check again if it works for you now? version 2.16.0 fixed it for me / working now

I have version 2.15. 3, and Google Play shows it’s updated atm.

Update gets released in batches so it can take a few days for everyone to get the latest version. Over the next few days you will have version 2.16.0 available to download.

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OP updated

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