All transactions declined since couple of days

Hi all,

For an unknown reason, since couple of days, all my internet transactions are declined by Curve with 3 different credit cards. I did not have this problem a few days ago so I really don’t know why I suddenly have this problem…

Do you please have any ideas?

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Still working fine for me - have you been in touch with They can have a look at your account. Also worth trying a different underlying card to make sure that’s not the issue.

I only have 1 decline in december
It was an online game store, tried at night
Curve say payment succeed, my bank give the notification payment went though
But the payment failed, tried again worked

Thanks for your reply. I immediately sent a message to the support team but they are so slow to provide an answer…

the sad truth is that a loads of cards are simply unuseable since december. curve reissued a new (hungarian bin) card for me yesterday, already second purchase failed with a usual decline. previous hungarian bin card had a decline rate of 40 percent! in atms it was 100 percent. another sad news is that yesterday my wife’s uk bin card (5375 9000) was also declined at the same terminal where my hungarian bin failed (non-curve card worked well), but in both cases underlying card has been charged, transaction was declined after that. i really don’t understand how a few users have absolutely no bad experience with curve, you are probably extremely lucky :slight_smile:

Both me and my wife have got almost zero declines with our UK BIN Curve cards here in the Czech Republic and on our occasional trips throughout EU. :star_struck: We are both on Black tier, my card is “usual” black (as I’ve never received an investor card, but it doesn’t bother me much :yum:) and my wife’s card is red investor card.

Just very rare (like once quarterly or something like that) random declines. :hugs:

Hey @DarthMicky, unfortunately there’s nothing we can do on the forum as we don’t have access to your account here. It’s best to get in touch with our support team through email ( or Twitter DM so they can take a look!

Hi Hannah,

I would love getting in touch with The support team but they are way to long to provide an answer…

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I have the same issue. All transactions are declined, no matter if offline or online(tried in Aldi today), since I updated to premium. If I use my new (activated) premium card, I get the following notification.

“It looks like you’ve reached your card limit. Please contact support”
I’m pretty sure I’m not even close to my limits.

If I use my old non-premium card, I get no notification. No matter which underlying card do I use, I tried cards from different banks, both credit and debit. shows no issues, but it’s obviously a lie, people are complaining here and on many Hungarian forums too.
I wrote Curve support 2 days ago, got no response. This is really not a premium service, I consider downgrading.

Got same issue today, all transactions being rejected. Even Curve cash not being used, and anti-embarassment also not working. What’s the problem? I was using Apple pay. And now I got a notification saying Curve card can not be usee with Apple pay, 1 minute later it said Curve card is ready for Apple Pay.

Same problem for me in Finland since 1.1. afternoon. Offline and online transaction fail on all cards.

Support contacted, but no reply yet…

I got a transaction declined a few hours ago too, in Bulgaria, and it’s telling me I’ve reached my spending limits as well. I am nowhere close… Just used the form on the site to contact support, as it wouldn’t let me send a question through the app at all…

Few online transactions went ok yesterday but failed on the third one even though Google few times authorized my card and charged me 1gbp each it said declined on Curve app. Money is there. Very strange. Seems like something is going on. Lets see if support replies.


Same problem here in Germany ever since the new year when I try to use the PayPal Debit Mastercard in my wallet. Maybe something to do with Brexit? I see in my Amazon Visa card account that Curve’s business location now seems to be shown as Vilnius, Lithuania, instead of London, UK (which it still was on December 30). So maybe that’s why some banks block Curve transactions more easily now? Would be a bummer if it stayed like this.

Absolutely can be the case. I’ve just tried to pay online for the order that doesn’t get through Curve with an underlying card and it went smooth like butter without any problems at all. So most likely all related to Brexit. Tickets raised, hope they fix this issue if not then it becomes pretty useless.

I had no problems with transactions before the new year as well, and I also paid with an underlying card easily, so it very well might be… I hope they can fix this soon. I was just recommending Curve the other day lol

I think they just want more proof of ID verification as from the email I have received few minutes back. See photo attached.

Their support’s reply seems to be missing the point. From what I can see here in the forums, the problem isn’t with actual limits being reached. As other users have reported before, the “spending limit” decline message appeared (and still appears) even though neither the Curve limit nor the underlying card’s limit is anywhere close to being reached. So something else must be causing the problem, and for most users this seems to happen only since the new year, i.e. the change from UK to Lithuania.

I was also not near my limits. I think it’s just a way of getting people to do ID verification that wasn’t done at sign up. I have done so, now waiting to see if I can be able to use my card again.

I tend to agree. You don’t run from core problems but think in solutions to solve them not get another 10 half-baked things in. Still waiting for them to reply. Probably will take ages. Lets see what happens. Most likely post Brexit things have to settle down and will take some time as well.