All transactions declined

I have recently set up my Samsung Pay Card via Curve. Please note that this post is not referring to Samsung Pay. I have added a mix of credit and debit cards from MBNA, Natwest, LLoyds and Barclays in the Curve app.

I have successfully activated each of the cards and have selected one of them as the primary card to be used by Curve. I first tried to use the Samsung Pay Card via my Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 on Saturday and all payments with different retailers were declined. I received notifications from the Curve app that the transactions had been declined.

All my bank accounts and credit cards are active and without any issues. I have checked with two of the banks and they confirm that they had not declined any transactions on Saturday. It seems that the transactions never hit their systems. The cards work as expected via touch, pin code and Google Pay.

I have emailed Curve support twice and have had no response. I am hoping someone here can help me resolve this problem.

I tested my Samsung Pay Card yesterday with a purchase from Amazon and it worked as expected, the transaction wasn’t declined.
I received a confirmation in the Curve app timeline and an app notification of a successful transaction.
All that I had done prior to that is reported above; deleting cache and data for the app and resyncing with Curve as advised by Samsung Pay Card technical help.
As to whether there were any back end issues that were also resolved yesterday around the same time, I cannot tell.
I’ll test the contactless payment from my Fold 2 later on today.

Hey @ddb2k, sorry for missing your post! I’m glad to hear that your card is working now - let us know how you get on with it in the future!