All transactions rejected (looks like a locked card)


I cannot use Curve for weeks now. Every single transaction on every single card (which was working fine before and works fine now outside Curve) is declined with a “try changing your card in the Curve app to complete the transaction” error message.

It all started when I asked for my card limits to be changed. told me to do KYC, which I did… my card stopped working completely (even though my card limits weren’t exhausted yet)… waited even more time, then KYC option appeared in the Curve app, I did send my ID scan, etc. again, waited, finally my card limits were changed, but I still cannot use it. I contacted again… and the only thing they told me was to unlock my card in the app (argh!). I’m locking my card when I’m not using it but I NEVER forgot to unlock it before using it. Right now, I keep it unlocked all the time (it doesn’t work anyway) just to force support guy to look a bit deeper and made few transactions on few cards - every single one was declined. support is silent. What should I do? Is there a secret “lock my account” button somewhere?


No hidden button. Try again with support… :roll_eyes:

FTR: turns out my card was blocked due to invalid PIN entry limit


…and?!? How did you solved?

I changed my PIN in ATM (someone from Curve support team unblocked it for me).

The error message was VERY misleading. Dunno when I used wrong PIN so many times, but I tried different things to make this card work and I don’t remember a single error message mentioning invalid PIN or blocked card - it always was the same message blaming 3rd party card.


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