Allow changing cashback retailers based on subscription plan


I would like to suggest the adding of the possibility to reselect the retailers for the cashback for the paid subscrition plans. The current solution is in my opinion to inflexible and prone to make the value of the paid plans less actractive over time. Personally I have already lost one of the three retailers due to changes in life, such as relocation.

One way to change this could be to offer a reselect option based on the users plan. For example, users with the Black plan could be allowed to change every 12 months, while the Metal plan users could change every 6 month.

This would, alt least for me, make the paid plans more attractive.

Thanks for listening!

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I think this is a great idea and really needed, the merchants I choose today may not be relevant in 2 or 3 years

where do you even choose those Retailers?? i dont see any button in the App and im paying for Black…such a bad UX!!!

Go to your Curve Cash card, and click on the cog for settings and it should be there.

Hey all :slight_smile:
would be very great to see this feature, however in the meantime you can raise a ticket to support and ask for a reset, and they will be happy to assist

Thanks for the tip, didn’t even know that was a possibility. Will give it a try and see if support will reset my selection.

You can do a reset via support…if you ever actually get an answer.

Yeah but we should be able to do it via app after a locking period. No need to overload support because of that.