Allow changing cashback retailers every 6 or 12 months. Or add them in gradually

Having had Curve Blue for nearly a year now I was planning to upgrade to Metal, mainly for the cashback feature as I’m in the midst of home renovations and planned to upgrade my Iphone after 3 years.

So the prospect of getting 1% back on Apple, Ikea, Amazon and Argos purchases looked appealing.

I’m glad I have done this little bit of research as I’m really put off. I genuinely don’t see myself buying a new PAX wardobe every quater.

Like people above have said I can appreicate the ratioanle behind limiting the ability to change retailers and 3 months I’d argue is a bit too frequent.

For Black card users you should be able to change yearly and Metal users every 6 months. I’m pretty sure you’d have more subscribers and those on the premium plans would spread the amazing service you are offering.

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I am quite sure the app did not mention that your choice is permanent. Since I can change the cashback options for my credit card, I automatically assumed there is a similar option here. Of course it is my fault I did not read the terms and conditions. Now I am stuck with a few bad choices. Tesco might be a good option, because there is one near, but I will move in a few months a there will be no Tesco around. So I support the idea to be able to change after a reasonable period.

Disappointing. This thread has been running since May and especially in light of events over thee past 9 months, all the response seems to be from Curve is that the 'team has been given your feedback". Clearly it wouldn’t be feasible to chop and change all the while, but the option to grant perhaps one change each calendar year would surely not be unreasonable. As has often been stated, personal circumstances change and decisions made 12 - 24 months ago may no longer be valid. It seems to me the answer from Curve is simple. Either Yes or No. If the answer is Yes then five months is surely long enough to work out how to do so. If Curve don’t want to do so then say No and this thread can end. Surely the point of this forum is to gather feedback from users and make decisions based thereon. What’s the point for Curve to simply let threads of this nature just drag on and on without a definitive answer, one way or the other.

If you downgrade to blue then upgrade again do you get to choose your retailers again? Not that it’s a replacement for a real solution, but may help those asking here.

I’m 100% for this. It should be possible to change retailers:

  • every 12 months (so a retailer is locked in for 12 months and then can be changed or confirmed for another 12 months
  • when a user moves (providing proof of new residency)

Completely agree with all of the above! If there isn’t a solution soon I will be cancelling my metal subscription (and most likely my whole Curve account)
@Curve_Marie I appreciate that the team is busy at this time but do we have a concrete update on this? Even if it is a firm ‘no’ at least we would then know where we stand

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Sorry to hear you’re not happy with your current retailers. You can contact our support team to ask to have them changed. It will be reviewed on a case by case basis (Cc: @Neil1042).

When we tell you the team has received the feedback, it’s not thrown into an empty void and never to be seen again. Getting your feedback means that it’s on the agenda and we will seriously investigate it.

We work on new features and improving existing ones in projects and sprints rather than in an ad-hoc fashion. This way we can make the most out of the resources we have. That’s why when we do decide to implement ideas from the community, some takes longer to implement than others.

It was been a rough year indeed, that’s why we extended the GBIT function in April - We’re Extending How Far You Can Go Back In Time

No, we don’t have a concrete update on this.

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@Curve_Marie Would support be able to add just ONE retailer? My wife has a metal card and we’d like to get cash back from Amazon but we’re not sure about the rest . If/when we go back to the office, our spending patterns will be different.

Hey @daventry our support team might be able to reset your retailers but they can’t change just one. Also, you need to select all your retailers at once, otherwise your cashback won’t be activated. So basically, selecting just Amazon right now isn’t possible, you’ll need to select the rest too.

Yep, I think that’s one of the things that needs to be looked at @Hannah - I had to randomly select a few just to fill the slots, would have been much better to have left them empty.


Hi, I’ve been reading this topic for a while and I decided to express my opinion.

Of course that I would like to be able to change the retailer when needed but as the same way that I have to accept specific conditions from other Credit Card Cashback programs, I have to accept the Curve conditions.

Cashback is a marketing tool were the cost goes directly to the profit margin of the card provider and logically they always have a way to limit the cashback, from the cards with cashback that I have:

  • Monthly cashback limitation
  • Annual cashback limitation
  • Cashback limited to Supermarkets and Restaurants
  • Cashback only convertible to partners vouchers

Curve decided to perform that limitation using a one time fixed retailer selection and thats the reason why in Blue you only select 3 retailers for 3 moths and in Metal you select 6 during the period of subscription, is a way to limit cashback as any other.

As I stated in the beginning, I would love to be able to change the retailers when I want, the same way that I wish to not have monthly limits, year limits or other in the rest of the cards that I have.

Anyway there is a way, when you change subscription between Blue, Black or Metal, you can select again the retailers.

Following on from a comment I made on this question (see 33/42 of Oct. 30), I received a response from Curve stating that a change of Cashback Vendors might be considered on a case to case basis dependant on exceptional circumstances. I therefore wrote to Curve Support outlining the circumstance that had changed and therefore the reasons why I would like to change one of my nominated vendors.Within 5 days I received a response indicating that my request had been granted and when I logged in to the app and went to the Curve Cash section, the option was there to alter, actually all three of my nominated vendors. I did in fact retain two of the originals but was able to select another. It was made clear that this was an exceptional request but Curve Support could not have been more accommodating. One happy customer.


See attached from Social today… Begs the question does curve even bother with this community anymore?

I wonder what this is

Anyone want to guess?

Looks like our prayers are answered

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You can change your cashback retailers.

Does this apply to those with grandfather curve cards?

Temporary change announced - see Curve Cash Update: Reset your cashback retailers for Black Friday and Christmas

Looks like they’re excluded:

Hi all,

Ivo here from Team Curve

The rumours are indeed true - you can now change your cashback retailers! Head over to our latest post to find out how.

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It’s for this reason that I’m still on the free plan.