Allow Legacy Black to purchase a metal card for a one time fee

Regular Metal customers get charged £50 for the production and transportation costs of their card if they cancel their metal subscription less than six months from signup.

This tells me that iit could be reasonable to consider allowing current Legacy Black card holders the option to pay a single, one time fee, similar to the £50 above, to continue on their Legacy Black card subscriptions but “upgrade” their card to one made in metal instead of the current one in plastic.

If it can be done fr new subscribers at a fee of around £50, I don’t see that it would be any more expensive to offer the same card type even to Legacy Black users.

New subscribers can indeed cancel the metal card for a fee of £50 if they cancel within the first six months, but after doing that, the metal card doesn’t work anymore and they are sent a replacement plastic one.


One thing that is currently holding me back from upgrading to metal is that I cannot downgrade back to Legacy.

I wish Curve would relax that rule and letting us downgrade to this tier.


Why, surely it’s understandable that they want to remove this tier over time?


Your idea sounds great in theory but in practice it won’t work. LoungeKey and Mastercard World Elite plus other functionality is tied up to a recurring subscription fee. You can’t have them (or any one of them) without the other. Metal cards come with that as standard because of the above.

Paying £50.00 for a once of charge, if you mean for a metal card with the removed functionality that might work for the user, but not for Curve. The metal card is designed to be a luxury product (a want, not a need) and they won’t want it to be cheapened in such a way. So I highly doubt this will happen but it’s a nice thing to wish for.

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It wasn’t about getting anything like LoungeKey or Mastercard World Elite, I fully understand those come with a subscription fee.

The way I see it is that the current Legacy Black customers have paid their one time fee of £50 and now only generate revenue for Curve via their use of the card. Such useage should then be encouraged.

If Curve can get people to pay for the full production cost and shipping of the card, then why not letting people upgrade to a ”vanity card” (a want, not a need)? Curve might even add a small, one time fee, of say £10 in pure profit for themselves for arranging this. It would be a way for Curve to extract money out of a group who otherwise only contribute through their use of their cards.

Since no one can join the Legacy Black user group anymore, the number of users are limited and are also probably slowly shrinking over time. Thereby it would not dillute the exclusivity of the metal card, because not everyone can get it. And as long as the cost of producing one and sending it out is carried by the customer, it may even save Curve money from not having to produce and send out a new plastic card when my current one expire.

It will also be a way of drumming up some more energy and a renewed interest in Curve from those who may have forgotten a bit about it and put their card aside. Metal cards are still a bit of a novelty.

Not everybody paid £50.00 for a Curve Black Legacy card. Remember Curve Black Legacy users are in many ways just like Curve Blue users and you don’t hear Curve complaining about them do you?

Then you cheapen the card for those people who are paying a ongoing subscription fee for it. It’s unlikely to ever happen, it’s far more likely for them to offer Curve Black as an free upgrade, which they have done before but it was linked to a “tell 3 friends and get them to sign up and spend on their chosen card before a extremely tight expiration date.” Urgh.

Erm but you’ve above said you wanted it to be offered to every Legacy user. How is the userbase shrinking? What from not using their cards? Unlikely. Possibly by upgrading? Well that’s what Curve wants so it’s a win.

Ok let’s say I agree with you and I think your above idea can somehow make people who have stopped using their cards, to immediately start using it again because they have a metal card, instead of an plastic one. What happens if the very same people get tired of using the metal card? What then?

What? Plastic is cheaper to produce then a metal card and more environmentally friendly, in any case it saves nothing as all cards are valid for a set period of time.

It doesn’t make sense for Curve to offer metal cards to people on Legacy accounts. Not unless you are willing to pay the fee every time your metal card is reissued? The other reason is one I’ve stated above, Curve is not going to cheapen Curve Metal by offering it to any other users as that would be commercial suicide.

Same here :wink:

Correct me if I’m wrong sorry, but why would you want to subscribe to Metal but then proceed to downgrade back to Legacy Black?

I appreciate you may want to just try the service but the features of Metal are well laid out prior to subscription.

If it would be just to get a Metal Card for use then it would be cancelled upon the subscription being downgraded and you’d just be sent a corresponding card for your ‘new’ tier.

I can think of one reason. Various Legacy Black users don’t pay a monthly fee for being early adopters, but they may be eligible for metal cards through their investment in Curve.

If one wants to take advantage of the metal card for the 1-3 year based on investment, you essentially lose your legacy black status and can’t downgrade to it (i.e. You could go down to Black but you’d pay a monthly fee).


Curve made it clear that once you go to Metal (and Curve Black) you can’t go back to Curve Black Legacy so why should investors be different? One rule for one and a completely different rule for he other? I suppose they could but it wouldn’t be fair.

Investors that pass the threshold with their investment to have a metal card have a choice to make just like everybody else. The choice to upgrade or not to upgrade…At least they have a (useless) metal card if they choose to stay with their Legacy card.

I didn’t say investors should be different, nor am I debating on Curve’s decision. It’s simply one of the reasons why some customers don’t want to make the jump.

Well I mean it’s not much of a hardship is it? Either they think getting Curve Metal offers them the features for a price they think is good value or not.

Yeah I agree, those who want to make the jump will do so if they can see benefit. What I’ve seen based on some messages is that some investors simply want to take advantage of the ‘added benefits’ in metal for the 1-3 year period where they get the subscription for free, with the chance to go back to Legacy Black (still with benefits but free for some).

Yeah if only life was so simple, unfortunately in reality you can’t have your cake and eat it. So they have a choice to make. It’s all very much a first world problem…

P. S. My goodness that sounded negative. It wasn’t meant to sound that way but it’s not life or death is it?

Yeah I’ve seen quite a few people in this community with that very same want, it’s unfortunate that it can’t happen but I fully understand why that is.

Agree - for me it was Curve Fronted that pushed me to move across to Metal.

Different horses for different courses.

I don’t have any use for Curve Fronted so I wouldn’t purchase Curve Metal for that reason alone. For those that do it’s a godsend so I can appreciate the need to upgrade to Curve Metal for that purpose.