Allow to organise Loyalty cards

Love the new loyalty feature, only idea and suggestion is to allow you to organise loyalty cards, seems once you add you cannot move without removing and re-adding at the bottom of the stack?

Also wanted to check certain cards like nandos don’t show barcode, is this because they are in progress to adding to curve card and just a reminder option?


I don’t have this option (adding loyalty cards) in my Curve app. :thinking: Is it UK-only feature once again? :man_shrugging::triumph::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

In case of Nandos they do not use/have a barcode scanner for loyalty cards. They enter the number during your purchase. So a barcode would not be necessary. Hope this helps.

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I agree (and posted elsewhere) that the ability to re-organise the loyalty cards would be really useful…

…shouldn’t be too hard surely as it can be done with payment cards?

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I meant like this, as they do have nandos wallet via scanner?

But again, isn’t major deal, just want ability to reorder.

I agree, it would be great to re-order the cards registered. Also, Stocard lets you register your card accounts and see your points balances. Curve should introduce this feature as well.

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Has this been fixed yet? Surely an easy programming for the next app update to allow us to move loyalty cards in order or preference for use…