Amazon 10% off?

I got the email too.

It’s odd as it mentions 10% and £10.

Which is it?

EDIT: Spend £100 and you get 10% back. Ie £10. Can be a single transaction or multiple to make £100. Repayment on Dec account 17

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Hi, I have clicked ‘dismiss’ for error. It means that I have refused the cashback or I have only closed the notification? I can’t found the promo’s banner again

Judging from what has been asked on Twitter…

It applies to everyone, automatically - so I suspect you’ll still get the cashback as long as you spend >=£100 (fingers crossed for no currency conversion screw-ups!) at any country’s Amazon between the 1st and the 14th. Cashback will be paid the 17th, I assume it to be in the form of Curve Cash…

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I am surprised that we have not received any email or something like that about this campaign…

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I didn’t receive an email but did receive the banner message (and took a screenshot). My understanding is it is 10% off, capped at £10 and payable on the 17th December. I’m not sure if it was meant to be targeted or not but I would hope and expect it to be honoured for all those that received the in-app notification (which I agree should have linked to T&Cs).

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Judging by this…

You need to spend minimum £100 to get any cashback.

Not seen anything yet suggesting that Amazon vouchers aren’t allowed (but waiting for email with T&Cs to make sure…) so if you don’t want to spend £100 right now, a voucher might be an option…


charging the account should work, no?

Hopefully - I don’t think you can can ‘top-up’ (as they call it) in all countries… but you can always send yourself an (e-)voucher. Best to wait for the full T&Cs just in case either of these is excluded.

Apologies for spamming the Italian thread with stuff I meant to post here :slight_smile:

As with anything like this… don’t believe it until you see it (ie cashback received + spent!)! Note above from the terms -

Curve retains the right to amend the terms of this promotion without any prior notice. Curve retains the right to hold, void, cancel, suspend, amend or withdraw the promotion payout at any date where it becomes necessary to do so, even after the promotion has ended.

So they are fully within their rights to say ‘only joking!’ come the 17th December and pay no cashback.

So, don’t be tempted to spend £100 on stuff you don’t need / wouldn’t have bought anyway, even if you’re hopefully only paying £90. For me its a nice £10 off my subscribe and save for December…

Given Amazon aren’t involved directly, I don’t think Curve can tell if you’re spending on top-ups/vouchers, so that would seem to be okay.

There are a couple of things that are unclear, perhaps someone at Curve can clarify?

  • The official T&Cs say amazon-dot-com raising some uncertainty about Amazon’s regional sites…
  • How will you determine £100 spend in non-sterling - ie rate at time of purchase, or at point of checking eligibility / a specific date/time? Including or excluding Curve fees?
  • What will happen if some or more of the £100 is refunded after cashback is paid? People do return a lot of Christmas stuff, and this might not happen until the end of Jan with Amazon’s return window…
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Hey guys, sorry for all the confusion this is causing. Hopefully I can provide some clarity:

The promotion is open to everybody, regardless of what subscription tier you’re on. To avail of it, you need to spend at least £100 on Amazon between the 1st and 14th December. You can make one large transactions or multiple smaller transactions during the time - as long as they add up to at least £100.

Once you’ve spent at least £100, then 10% of this will be added to your Curve Cash card on December 17th, so basically £10 will be added to your account. £10 is the only amount that will be added as £100 is the minumum you must spend but also the max amount you can get the cashback on. So even if you spend £500 on Amazon, you’ll still just receive £10 Curve Cash.

It doesn’t matter what you purchase on Amazon as Curve isn’t able to see this. So you can buy whatever you want - food, clothes, tech, vouchers - as long as it’s from an official Amazon site and that’s the name that will appear on your app/statement. Similarly, it doesn’t matter which national Amazon site you’re going to use - the promotion will work for all.

@DanG you’ve raised some good points about how we’ll determine spend in other currencies and what will happen if items are returned. I’m not sure of the answer to these yet but let me try find out and get bak to you!

Hope this helps - let me know if any part is unclear :blush:


I have various Amazon charges that are variously listed as, “Amznmktplace”, “Amzziocomdirect", "Amzgreen Eu”, “Amznmkplace”, etc in Curve.

They are all purchases on the website.

Well they be counted?


Exactly my thought.
Even when you purchase a gift card on Amazon, sometimes it says “Amazon” or “Amazon EU Sarl”

Amazon Marketplace is usually
“Amzn Mktp [countrycode] Amazon.[de/com/…]”
“Amzn Mktp [countrycode][order-id]”

But I expect this to work the same way as with cashback, not all get automatically detected and need manual retrocredit.
So I won’t worry too much about any issues, Curve has always been very consumer friendly when it comes to this :slight_smile:


I got an email re the Amazon offer today as I have an old free Curve Mastercard customer that is black in colour (but possibly blue in nature in terms of no fees etc) but I stopped using once everything became chargeable for recharging to credit cards or overseas use

I tried installing the Curve App on my new Android phone but it said I would need to upgrade to Curve Metal in order to earn any cashback.

So do I qualify for the Amazon spend £100 and get £10 back offer or not?

Tried emailing Shachar and a couple of other directors as still no phone support etc, etc.

But I suppose there may be a reply here?

Just seen Hannah’s reply.

So how much would Curve charge me to spend this £10 credit on a Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card.

Just to clarify do old entirely free Curve cards that most of us have stopped using at all (as we are now charged to spend on the card) qualify for this offer?

Do legacy cards which still accrue the old Curve Rewards scheme (as distinct from the current Curve Cash scheme) benefit from this offer?

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Same thing, there’s a minimum spend of £100 on total of transactions whether multiple or single made within 14 days, to be oaid on 17th December.

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Email says pay out will be on 17 th December

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Great Idea, let me buy a voucher for myself right now

If I was Curve or Amazon I would exclude gift voucher purchase from the qualifying spend and I think it is rash and risky to assume that they have not already done so…