Amazon 10% off?

Agreed, it should have said “Get £10 when you spend £100 or more at Amazon”. Saying it as “10%” can mislead users for sure.


Misleads some, irritates others :slight_smile:


Will be sent an email or there is a page about this Amazon promotion?

Email was sent last week and also Push notification in app (I received both). Even if you didn’t get the email, I believe the offer is open to all Curve users regardless of which Curve plan you’re on.


Thanks, I didn’t receive any email or push notification of the Amazon promotion. Only read about it in here.

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I had something to buy for 89€, so i thought i’d get up to the 100£ by getting a few kindle books from my list. However i see that one is listed as “Amzn Digital” and the other is listed as “Kindle svcs” on my statement in the curve app for some reason. Will both still count?

Safer to buy an Amazon gift card and spend from it


Promotional Period: The promotion starts at 00:00:01 (GMT) on 1 December 2020 and ends at 23:59:29 (GMT) on 14 December 2020.

Just claimed mine. However the popup in-app still matches the original image from the first post (saying 2 weeks without a date listed) in this thread. If the promo hasn’t been extended, might be a good idea to fix the in-app message :slight_smile:


Sorry if this has already been asked but I didn’t spot it and time is running out - does it count if your amazon purchase is billed as “amazon marketplace” instead of just “amazon” or do I have to make sure there’s 100 quid to “amazon” directly ?

Answered several times in this thread already, mktplace is fine.


I saw the email were dont say nothing about 1 to 14 december. But says the next 14 days. I received email at 2 december. make purchase from amazon today and now see that its not covered :frowning_face:

This is wrong. it should say 1 to 14 december…

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Sorry to hear this, some of us saw this coming but Curve declined to fix the situation. Suggest you ask support nicely if they will make an exception.

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Thx Curve! :christmas_tree: :kissing_heart: :money_mouth_face:


Showing here too :+1:

For me too

On the same day Curve are dropping £10 on anyone who can afford to spend £100 on Amazon (all from Curve’s marketing budget, it seems) this happened:

I mention this since Curve and their partners (Mastercard, Woo Commerce) are currently sitting on over £2000 they collected in donations for food banks over 6 months ago.

I’d encourage anyone who can to donate some or all of their £10 bonus to a food bank near them (as I have just done). In the UK most Trussell Trust ones have their bank details on the websites for one-off donations - this way they get 100% of your money, today.

Over on the ‘Not All Heroes Wear Pants’ thread, @Hannah assures as they are acting in good faith to move those funds to the charities ASAP. But 6 months+ for a group of finance companies to move a couple of grand doesn’t seem credible.

If there are contractual issues, I think Curve should front this out of the same budget as the Amazon promotion, so the charities can benefit from these donations in time for Christmas.

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nothing here yet


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Has anyone not received their bonus yet? I haven’t received anything despite doing the £100 spent on Amazon.