Amazon 10% off?

Just seen Hannah’s reply.

So how much would Curve charge me to spend this £10 credit on a Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card.

Just to clarify do old entirely free Curve cards that most of us have stopped using at all (as we are now charged to spend on the card) qualify for this offer?

Do legacy cards which still accrue the old Curve Rewards scheme (as distinct from the current Curve Cash scheme) benefit from this offer?

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Same thing, there’s a minimum spend of £100 on total of transactions whether multiple or single made within 14 days, to be oaid on 17th December.

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Email says pay out will be on 17 th December

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Great Idea, let me buy a voucher for myself right now

If I was Curve or Amazon I would exclude gift voucher purchase from the qualifying spend and I think it is rash and risky to assume that they have not already done so…

I guess most of us here have a free Curve (blue) card and are not charged anything when they spend with the card, so I am not sure what you mean.


Hi Hannah,
what about puchases or top-up on or any other Amazon in Euro Zone ?
i.e. "…you’ve spent at least £100 = 110,31 € "

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Hey Philip, the variation in name won’t affect this, they’ll all still be counted!

I’ve checked this with our team and eligible spend is counted in GBP only so if you’re making a transaction in EUR, NOK etc. then it’ll need to be the equivalent of £100. This would be based on the rate at time of purchase but I’m guessing this won’t cause too many issues as it’s unlikely that somebody will spend exactly £100 in another currency - If you’re worried about this I’d suggest spending just over the £100 mark if possible.

Just like normal cashback, if you return an item and your transaction is refunded then your points are removed. This will be the same with this promotion. Our team are still working on the technicalities of this but for now you can take it that your £10 cashback will be removed if your transactions are refunded and that results in you having spent less than £100 within the timeframe.

You can now find the terms here -

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Note that these T&Cs are wrong. They say that:

  • Only purchases on count - it seems regional sites are included
  • Closing date is end of day on 14th Dec - but Curve emailed their customers on 2nd Dec saying eligible transactions were for the next 14 days, so 15th December is included as well
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I didn’t receive the message in the Curve app (reinstalled the app, but still no cigar), neither did I receive an email. I am starting to wonder what’s wrong with my account :thinking:.

Reading the terms it still looks like I am eligible though. Lucky me :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Maybe you have opt out at some point for marketing emails?


I have received previous marketing emails from Curve just fine.


This all feels rather rushed through…

Does it work with any amazon? .de? .fr? .it? .es? .com?

It doesn’t matter what you purchase on Amazon as Curve isn’t able to see this. So you can buy whatever you want - food, clothes, tech, vouchers - as long as it’s from an official Amazon site and that’s the name that will appear on your app/statement. Similarly, it doesn’t matter which national Amazon site you’re going to use - the promotion will work for all.
( Amazon de fr .com YES)


Hey, I’ve checked the terms again and this is what they say:

Eligible Transaction : An Eligible Transaction means any successful transaction made at any Amazon online store with your Curve card during the Promotional period” - So this means you can shop on any Amazon site,

Promotional Period: The promotion starts at 00:00:01 (GMT) on 1 December 2020 and ends at 23:59:29 (GMT) on 14 December 2020” - Our emails and push notifications go out in batches so it’s possible that you might not have received a message on the 1st but the promotion runs from the 1st to the 14th. Transactions made on December 15th won’t be included.

I’m sorry for any confusion here, it’s possible that our terms were recently updated so it might not have been clear before. Happy to answer any other questions! :blush:


Hannah - do legacy cards which still accrue the old Curve Rewards scheme (as distinct from the current Curve Cash scheme) benefit from this offer? Thanks

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