Amazon Cashback 10£?

No problem, I can speak English but thank you for the translation. Yeah, I have received the in-app notification but that ‘dismiss’ for my English level was a little problematic…I thought I had refused the possibility of cashback.


And…you think that Curve is counting also my 8.99€ yesterday’s transaction?

Agree they didn’t manage it very well - if you dismiss you can’t easily go back to it. I think so but am afraid I don’t know for certain! In case you need to spend 100 in total (Amazon 10% off?) then it might be safer to make sure you go over the 100 even without this transaction.

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Ok I will pass 100£ without that transaction. So according to you it is safe that I haven’t removed the cashback because it is open to anyone who has received the in app notification? I am sorry I am questioning you, but the Italian moderator isn’t responding haha

For those still waiting, here’s the text of the email -

Enjoy 10% cashback at Amazon this Christmas!
You made the nice list this Christmas, so we’re treating you to £10 cashback when you spend £100 or more at Amazon.

Be quick, this treat is up for grabs for just 14 days. It can be one big purchase or a few smaller ones, hit the £100 mark and we’ll load £10 cashback onto your Curve Cash card on the 17th of December 2020.

For a strong start, add your Curve Card to Amazon. That way, you’ll never pay without your Curve Card and miss out on rewards.


In the running for 11% cashback?
If Amazon is one of your selected retailers then you’ll get 1% instant cashback every time you spend at Amazon, on top of the 10% cashback (if you’re lucky :wink:).

This promotion is not sponsored by Amazon and there is no relationship between Curve and Amazon for the provision of cashback.

To be eligible, you need to spend £100 or more (or the equivalent in your local currency) at

Eligible customers will receive their £10 cashback reward on their Curve Cash card on the 17th of December 2020.

Curve cashback limits differ by tier: Curve Blue (90 days on 3 selected retailers) Curve Black (Unlimited time on 3 retailers) and Curve Metal (Unlimited time on 6 retailers).

Curve retains the right to amend the terms of this promotion without any prior notice. Curve retains the right to hold, void, cancel, suspend, amend or withdraw the promotion payout at any date where it becomes necessary to do so, even after the promotion has ended.

Curve OS Limited registered address is 15-19 Bloomsbury Way, London, England,WC1A 2TH
The Curve Card and E-money is issued, pursuant to license by Mastercard International Inc., by Curve OS Limited (company No. 09523903) who are authorised in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority to issue electronic money (firm reference number 900926). Mastercard® is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. If you have any questions, check our FAQs. For discussions about this topic, check our Curve Community. If you have any further questions, tweet us at @askcurve


That’s my hope but neither of us are Curve staff so can’t guarantee it :smiley:

Edit: Scusa per aver riempito questo thread italiano, con l’inglese … Pensato per postare nell’altro …

Useful update from Curve staff here - Amazon 10% off? :+1:


Thank you!

No problem, this topic has only started in Italian, but it soon became English ahah


Io ho acquistato quando arriveranno i 10 euro?

Ciao @Anto88fg, benvenuta in community! :blush:
I 10£ ti verranno accrediti sulla Curve cash entro il 17 dicembre. Ricorda che per aver diritto alla promozione, devi fare un acquisto minimo di 110,21€

Buona giornata

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Se i T&C dicono questo
To be eligible, you need to spend £100 or more (or the equivalent in your local currency) at
Bastano 100 euro

Ciao @Athunder, benvenuto in community! 🥸

Puoi spendere su tutti gli store di Amazon. No, non bastano 100€ :wink: ma bensì 110,21€

Anche io spesi 115 euro e niente ricevuto!

Ancora nessuna news per me :rage:

Nulla si muove dopo 4 gg