Amazon cashback

Hi everytime a purchase is made with amazon if it is an amazon marketplace item cashback is not applied automatically, Hopefully this can be rectified so we don’t have to contact support each time to apply the cashback for every purchase that does not automatically apply.

Having this resolved will save customer support alot of time so they will not have to deal with the support tickets regarding this.

thanks :hugs:


I had this - Each purchase I had to email Curve Support which they added the cash back onto my account. However, it always happens… and still not fixed since releasing the cash back system a few months ago.

I think the problem is, with a Marketplace purchase, it’s not an obvious purchase from Amazon and I guess the Curve cash back system is looking for keywords like “Amazon” most Marketplace purchases this isn’t so obvious.


This is what all the amazon market place orders show as, so maybe adding this name on there system with the cashback for the normal amazon purchases hopefully and should resolve this issue.

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Hey @nelly thanks for bringing this up! :blush:

This was the exact issue we were having, but as of today our system has gotten just a little bit smarter and is starting to recognise purchases from Marketplace :star_struck:

Just note that the rewards are only applied once Amazon completely capture the funds so it may take a couple days before you receive them. Let us know how you go!


This is amazing news thank you very much for the quick response and resolving this problem so quickly top customer service and love my metal card. :hugs:

Can I ask why? I heard from Ivo that normally points clear after the transaction is made.

Why would this specific retailer be different?

Amazon place an authorization for the amount when you order and then charge when the item enters shipping status. This means that Curve Cash will not be applied until the order has been dispatched and the payment successfully charged.

If you order from the Amazon Marketplace, the seller can charge you immediately. In this case Curve Cash will be applied immediately, as it would if you make a transaction in Tesco, for example.

Another example of when Curve Cash points may be applied after a transaction has been made is TFL. TFL process all payments offline and charge you a day you the day after you have travelled.

This means that you wouldn’t receive Curve Cash for your TFL journeys until the payment has been processed and charged offline.

If I chose Amazon as 1 of my 3 retailers for Curve Cash, will I get casback for shopping at any region? I’m interested specifically in

Yes, you will receive your Cashback. I ordered something at myself and received the cashback.


That’s great, thanks!

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