Amazon payment declined - seems to still be an issue

Hey, I just signed up to Curve and have received my physical card which I have activated.

I just tried to order off of Amazon fresh using the Curve card however the payment was declined and I’m assuming it was by Curve because when I put my current account card directly into Amazon it’s worked I’ve never had a payment declined by Amazon before is there a way that this can be fixed.

Amazon is probably one of the retailers I use the most and if I can’t get cash back using the curve card there’s not really a point of me having it and I will just carry my multiple cards with me or have them all on Amazon

Hi and welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

A warm welcome to you. :hugs:

A simple question firstly, have you made sure to make sure that your selected card is selected in the app?

Thanks for your question.

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Hi and thanks for the warm welcome.

Yes I selected 3 different cards 2 debit 1 credit and they all declined. So I’m not sure if there was a fault on Curves end because the card as worked on other online transactions

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That’s no problem, since I’m not a member of staff I am unable to access their internal systems to tell you exactly what went wrong.

You can send the customer service team at Curve an email at the following address I am sure they will get back to you as quickly as they can.


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Sometimes they fail other times they do not.

Supports rather useless chatbot told me it is still an issue where the digital card and physical card have different expiry dates. However, mine are the same, and they closed the ticket without letting me reply. And Urgent ticket is still unanswered after two days.

If you try it again, it should go through, but raise a support ticket.

Thank you. I’ve had a response and it was the issue of my virtual card and physical card having different expiry dates and CVv number. So it should work now on the physical card but I had to remember everywhere I added the virtual card so I could change it

Your lucky my virtual and physical card have exactly the same issues. So I’m having a lot of issues

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