Amazon payments via Curve (through card declined / embarrassment not working


in the last few days my Curve payments are getting declined. There is no noticeable reason for that. Frustrating is that not even my anti-embarassment cards are being processed.

On Curve:

In the above I would have expected either of my 2 anti-embarassment cards to be debited. I also have sufficient funds on the CryptoCom card.

On the CryptoCom card I see the following:

I also see double debits coming through from Curve. The in-app (iOS) chat is not really responsive. Doesn’t Curve have a “proper” ticketing system?

Amazon support has said: “As I have checked we have charges the amount for this order but your bank has declined the payment.”

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Same applies for regular cards via Curve:

The support is really horrible - two tickets (one logged 24 hours ago, the other 12 hours ago) - no feedback.

I must say that both cards are accepted directly via Amazon.

I am sorry - made a horrible mistake and had the wrong expiry in my password manager. I got this information via Curve email support which responded within about 2 hours after sending the email.

I didn’t know that there was email support and relied on in-app chat.

TL;DR: I am an idiot for not checking my expiry after receiving the Curve Black and assuming it was the same as the Curve Blue :frowning:

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Glad you got it resolved!

Just to remind this to all and avoid such errors… when you order a Curve card you obtain in app TEMPORARY expiry date and CVV…

They will CHANGE as soon as you receive and active phisical card!!

I’m sure this was the reason…

^^^ This! Absolute correct. I got my card checked the card number, but then did not pay attention that the expiry and CVC changed.


well done for fixing it; would be nice if the app told you what the problem is, rather than just “declined”. Even if it’s “check your card number and expiry date”!

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