Amazon plans to block UK issued Visa Credit Cards

It’s only their credit cards that are affected. Visa debit cards will work as normal. So it won’t be that huge a loss if things stay the same.*

*It’s not as bad as it would be if it was a blanket ban on Visa cards as a whole.

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Or Amazon could process UK transactions in UK meaning they only pay 0.3% transaction fee. Options are available for both sides but whoever had the biggest flex will win.


I think the tax cost for Amazon of doing so would be far greater than the interchange fee. Amazon is based in Luxembourg for tax reasons. If it instead processes revenue in the UK, then it could become liable for UK tax on that revenue instead of much lower Luxembourg tax.

Any sane person uses Amex anyway. Oops not as a Curve user …

Yet another glory Brexit benefit. And we are still at the beginning

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Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, I understand that Amazon will see the card as a Mastercard, thus disguising that a (UK) Visa credit card has been used, but will this remain the case if GBIT is used or might there be some unintended consequences?
(I’m only asking because I don’t know the exact mechanism for GBIT or what info it throws up during the refund and recharge process)

Yes, this will remain the case. Amazon will/does not notice you haved used GBiT.

Thanks, I thought that but then I wondered if such transactions might stand out like a sore thumb to the underlying provider who won’t have very many Amazon transactions compared with the millions they used to have. (and acknowledging that they would also stand out whether or not GBIT was used but GBIT might make it more likely that they will flag them).