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I added £100 to my amazon account with curve in order to avail of the cashback offer, but amazon suspended my account and wants to see a billing statement showing my address and the last 4 digits of the curve card number.

As curve does not provide such a document I now have £200 lost in amazon, what to do??

Are you saying you already did contact Curve support and asked to provide such a document, but they were not able to do so? If not that would be my next step, contacting Curve support and ask for such a document. By email or Twitter (@AskCurve).


This happened to me a few month ago, amazon settled with a curve app screenshot, that time I used my curve card to top up my partner’s amazon account (we don’t share the same last name)


I do have a Curve card in my account and they have locked the account and asked for a statement from the Curve card.

I’ve contacted support with this being an urgent matter and they have been oblivious to this stating that “they’re not a bank and therefore they don’t provide a statement”. I find this ludicrous, and it looks like I’ll need to end up bringing Amazon to court to get back my account because of this.

So please be warned that this may occur and you’ll likely lose access to your account if you link your Curve card there.

@josepmc have moved your post to another thread with the same issue - see @jil’s post above re a screenshot proving sufficient. Personally I’ve not had any issue with linking my Curve card to my account.

Please note this is an account.

Like this?

Yep I know but I think it would still be worth trying this I would have thought before launching court proceedings against Amazon?

Hey @grease, welcome to the Community :partying_face: Our support team are right in saying that we don’t provide bank statements and the closest thing to a statement is exporting your transactions from the app.

However, our support managers can provide a certificate (usually a PDF) that can prove that the card is in your name. It’s possible that our support team misunderstood the request. I’d recommend dropping a message to the team at AskCurve on Twitter to see if they can help you out.

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