Amazon Reward Points via Curve

I have the Amazon Platinum Mastercard (issued via NewDay). It gives an equivalent of 1.5% cashback (as Amazon vouchers) for purchases on with prime, and 0.25% for anything else.

I also have the 0.5% Curve Cash for spending on Amazon via Curve.

I’ve tested one transaction with my Amazon Mastercard linked to Curve:

  • Received 0.5% cashback from Curve
  • Only received 0.25% reward points from NewDay, rather than 1.5%.
    I also just noticed the transaction came up as “Crv* Amznmktplace London Gbr”.

I’m hoping I can try another test transaction which will be billed by (not market place) but it takes several days for the points to show on NewDay and I’ve already done lots of spending directly on it.

So in case someone knows the answer, can you get the higher 1.5% cashback rate on the Amazon NewDay card, via Curve, or only directly?

This won’t work via Curve, as the transaction Vendor ID will always be passed through with the Curve prefix. NewDay credit will be looking for a plain or Amaznmktplace vendor name.

Therefore, I’d recommend that on Amazon you just set it to use your Amazon card directly. Other vendors will work just fine through Curve :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick reply. Answers my question.

It’s a pleasure! Sorry it’s not the answer you’d like…at least with Amazon the solution is pretty easy and relatively unnoticeable :slight_smile:

Only question at this point is … Why did he get the small amount of cash back from Amazon too ? He should have not get any right ?

Why not? A transaction with Curve does for sure qualify as ‘anything else’.
I have a Dutch Creditcard that gives me 0,5% Reward points on every purchase and I also get that when spending through Curve with that Creditcard as underlying card.

Silly me . Did not notice he would get 0.25% with anything else :slight_smile:

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